30 Life In the Provinces

Life In the Provinces

Posted on September 2, 2010 by team

Here is a collection of impressive black and white photographs of Emil Gataullin.






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30 responses to “Life In the Provinces”

  1. russia_bound says:

    Some very cool pictures, The black and white motif makes for a cool effect on a standard picture.

  2. grecocypriot says:

    this fotographer is awesome…!!

  3. y says:

    nice pics, really cool

  4. Moscowguy24 says:

    Great fotos! I wonder why they have in every town Ulica Baumana!

  5. muzzer says:

    very interesting pictures

  6. Prov says:

    It can not be as depressive as it looks…
    Only the young girls seem to have some life left in them, it can not be that bad…

  7. Santey says:

    I am a resident of the province of Russia, I am extremely surprised.
    Where the author has found many negatives, alcoholics? poverty.
    All this of course will amuse people west.
    Сlear pictures of these epochs the collapse of the USSR

  8. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Many scenes Maxim Gorky (Peshkov) would have observed with his own eyes in the 19th century (just the clothes are different).

  9. perristalsis says:

    There is something vaguely eerie about these photos, how with just minor cosmetic differences they could be shots in any U.S. small town that was a one- industry village, down on their prospects, like with a failed textile mill or ceramic factory.

    It’s easy to see why the girls try to look their best, so as to be able to leave immediately if opportunity presents itself.

    Great image work, doesn’t need any narration as it speaks for itself.

  10. nightstranger says:

    Makes me feel bad for those people (((

  11. Gene Garfield says:

    great photos. thanks for putting them on the site.

  12. asdlf says:

    We need more jugs, d00d. Like on the intro pic.

  13. Capitalist Pig says:

    Yea thats right ! Show the real russian life not only Moscow and St. Petersburg where the rich live .

    • eger_666 says:

      Lol In Moscow and SPB live both rich and not rich people.
      I can’t say my family is RICH, but still we live in Moscow,
      and it’s OK. You fail, again…

  14. CZenda says:

    I am finding it very Cartier Bresson-esque, and not only because it is B/W. The photographer has the same eye.

  15. eger_666 says:

    Let’s took photos of the most dirty alcoholics and bums in the most dirty, like black districts in NYC, in US, and say ” This is real life in USA, not like life in NYC or Los angeles where rich ppl live”.

  16. mukmika says:

    Great photography of real life. Looks so much better in black and white.

  17. hm says:

    The people seem happy even though if they are poor. I like how time has stood still. Beautiful pictures!

  18. Optimizacija says:

    The photographer has captured a very interesting moments. These moments are so genuine and not artificial

  19. beentheredonethat says:

    We’re all aware that the owner of this blog loves to portray Russian Federation, the former Soviet empire, the Slavic people, and even Imperial Russia as negatively as possible.

    Just keep it in mind, while you look for something to enjoy in the pictures.

  20. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Looks like pictures from another world.

  21. Grek says:

    very beautiful

  22. zekich says:

    Nice pictures, but… I live in a province and I can say, that all these pictures don’t show us the life of the greatest part of the population. Of course, we have alcoholics, poor people and oldwomen in downy kerchiefs, but where is the photoes of the rest part of russian provinces? We are optimistic people, not everything is so bad! I was in Europe and I can say that nowadays the everyday life of people in Russia is like in Europe. Show us the real situation in the country, we don’t need any rare episods of our life. Sorry for mistakes, cause I’m from Russia.

    • Wayne says:

      zekich; no need to apologize, you said it beautifully! We need to remember that a movie or a few pictures are not a fair reflection of any country.

  23. Marco says:

    Bresson eye. amazing shots.

  24. xinxin says:

    Bresson eye. amazing shots.

  25. sinan says:

    Where exactly do the photos come from ?

  26. Dheep' says:

    I am an American. I have never been to Russia. Probably never will – BUT – I happened across this site a few weeks ago. Have slowly been looking through everything. What a beautiful land and interesting people.
    It is such a shame there is animosity between our people. Mostly manufactured by the Politicians and the few people who have hidden agendas to wealth & power. We should all recognize we are being hoodwinked and repressed on both (all)sides of the globe

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