29 Japanese Cars Delivery Fail

Japanese Cars Delivery Fail

Posted on September 2, 2010 by team

Import of Used Japanese Cars 1

This is the way how used Japanese cars are being imported. Sometimes the greed of the owners can’t make them stop to get just a few more cars on board and here’s the result…

Import of Used Japanese Cars 2Import of Used Japanese Cars 3Import of Used Japanese Cars 4Import of Used Japanese Cars 5

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29 Responses to “Japanese Cars Delivery Fail”

  1. Chrisix says:


  2. russia_bound says:

    Wow someone had a very very bad day…

  3. spetsnaz says:

    Before some in breed american teen comes to the genious conclusion that this is typical Russia, strange as it may seem, things like this do happen in the west as well. But somehow “patriot bloggers” and zionist media fails to mention it.

    Anyways, greed is universal, especially among the Khodorkovskys & Nevzlins of the world….

  4. Lord Cunt says:

    I thought the Russians were putting a stop to the importation of JDM cars?

  5. moty says:

    the price of those wreck cars is about 5 percent of the cost of repairing that ship (even less if you add money lost by lack of activity while its being repaired)

  6. Pozdro says:

    Nothing happened! They will just let them dry, repair and repaint the dents and voila! Cars like new :) They will sell them anyways.

  7. shmalex says:

    “Sometimes the greed of the owners can’t make them stop to get just a few more cars on board and here’s the result…”
    – that could not result this

  8. MadMax says:


  9. nightstranger says:

    I own a little Toyota myself, just for commuting, but i feel cramped in there. Accidently leaned on it and left a rather big dent on the quarter panel and hood. Good mileage tho, but nothing is compared to my F-350 and Silverado 2500 – those are real things )))

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    Johnstone, What does your silly rant have to do with this posting of a listed delivery ship…? Seems you don’t like unions. Maybe this is because walmart where you probably work, is anti-union, and you are just fine with making making your minimum wage?

  11. Gena says:

    love it. and.. I agree with Spetsnaz

  12. Cliff S says:

    This happens when a ship’s center of gravity is above its center of floatation.

    Captains are repeatedly warned about too much toploading , and there are many computer systems to give warning. But every month or two, sure enough, someone puts a bit more up top and, schloop, around she goes.

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      Yep, it’s physics…

    • Chris says:

      Usually it’s Russians, they don’t care about safety.

      What, a 1000 drunk Russians drowned over a weekend a month or so ago?

      I speak from knowing many most of my life, the cultures from the former USSR are lackadaisical when it comes to safety and order, at least in comparison to other western cultures.

  13. mukmika says:

    Most of those cars may be on recall for one defect or another. Greed has caused many problems, including recession. Boat will be in recess for a while.

  14. jill says:

    Looks that the masts kept the ship from capsizing…

  15. Ceiling Cat says:

    these U.S laws and regulations you speak of. If everyone followed them. The american truck drivers would never have to pay overweight tickets at the scales and log trucks would never get popped for being overweight by portable scales. And that’s only one example. Companies follow rules and regulations by using the probability of risk versus cost. If the fine will cost less than the risk of overloading. well there you go champ. By the way, this is one small example. airlines, freight trains etc. they live and die by the same principle. anything to make more money. Russia doesn’t have a corner on the greed market.

  16. Many people around the world are looking for the cheapest means to import Japanese vehicles. Sad that this kind of thing sometimes happens.

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