40 Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

Posted on September 1, 2010 by team

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 1

L-29, AN-24RT, Mi-2, Mi-8, AN-2 … all these planes and some airdrome automotive equipment placed in the rows to the very horizon. Wonderful spectacle! Unfortunately, they have no place from where they could take off…


Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 2


Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 3

A lonely Mi-8

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 4

Tail rotors of Mi-2

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 5

Rotor blades are dismantled

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 6

There are a lot of L-29 planes there …

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 7

Really a lot… An-24RT at the background

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 8

Nearly all windows of L-29 planes look like this …

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 9

Look at the rubber parts …

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 10

We wonder if they could still work?

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Static electricity discharge

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 12

L-29, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mitsubishi Montero

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 13

Fuel tank

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 14

Planes cemetery

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 15

Hardly they can fly …

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 16

So sad …

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 17Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 18


Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 19Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 20

And some airdrome equipment here too, this is

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They all have a preservation status

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 23

Still looking good

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 24Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 25

Some box van

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 26

Fantastic! No trucks have their lamp glass broken!

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 27

Rows of Mi-2

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 28Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 29Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 30–nextpage–Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 31

Swash plate of Mi-2

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 32


Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 33

Tail rotor of Mi-2

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 34

Warning light

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 35

Guard booth, but there are no guards

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 36

An-24RT and L-29

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 37

Simply unreal spectacle!

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 38Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 39

AN-24RT UR-46715

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 40–nextpage–Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 41Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 42via russos

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40 responses to “Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine”

  1. Ian says:

    anyone got the google maps location for this site?

    • awesomegames says:

      I am extremely disappointed to see a willful and a criminal dissipation such a wide assortment of great machinery, no! not just these alone or the Ekranoplans that we have also heard of, but the sum assortment of a wide variety of sturdy & brilliant equipment like similar eq belonging to the soviet navy,army and of course the satellites along with the the cruise missiles that brought about far reaching (No pun intended(:-))consequences, a run off of the cold war era.

  2. martin says:

    great pics, would be great to have the Google Maps Location or kmz-file

  3. yousef says:

    didnt you try to open any airplane, get inside?
    it would be cool to take some pics from inside

  4. George Johnson says:

    Sort of like America’s “bone yard”. I don’t know what the environmental conditions are here, but it looks like almost none of them will ever fly again.

    Here they’re stored in the desert which is very good conditions, most of those planes could fly if ever needed. They cover them with plastic so they don’t over heat and protects them.

  5. Fake Captain Kirk says:

    In twentieth century Earth, war was the predominant occupation. In the 23rd century we have risen above these primitive urges. We have no need for war – except against Romulans or Klingons.

  6. Testicules says:

    What a waste. Those would have made great targets for our F-15s

  7. Nightstranger says:

    Sooo, is there any recycling program for planes? Bet you some people would buy military vehicles. Or it’s just easier to let those planes and trucks sit there for years and rust!?

    • J says:

      Apparently the military doesn’t want their tech to fall into the hands of enemies. But that’s a bit ridiculous, cause even if they could get the planes, they’d need ammo.

      The Ukrainian government is indeed willing to sell their demilitarized tech, but at a high price. You won’t have any luck getting a good F-15 from the US, though, unless you’ve got some good connections.

      • Nightstranger says:

        I don’t think that anything secret might be it those aircrafts. Private parties or other countries could at least use em for parts. And it’s even easier with land vehicles as they can be sold directly to the public on auctions or something. Dumbest waste of great stuff i ever seen

      • cockatrice says:

        L-29 Military secrets. They’re so valuable we have one sitting over here on an airport in Southern Oregon, rusting away like those are rusting away. Maybe you can send two more to keep this one company. It does serve as a pretty awesome stationary wasp nest.

  8. muzzer says:

    love the commentary.

  9. Sense sir me says:

    They can be sold privately to aircraft enthusiasts. There are several similar jets that are flying near my town that owned privately.

  10. johannos says:

    I want one! (and a diesel sub too 😛 )

  11. I bet Hugo Chavez would love to get his hand on them, and make a little warfare down here in South America, cold-war style. He would never run out of gas…

  12. Capitalist Pig says:

    Ukrainian army is just like that maybe with a new paint but still old junk :))

  13. Vladimir Strouff says:

    I’d make them fly again just for fun. I’d charge $500 for each tourist flight.

  14. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Soviet metallurgy.

  15. russia_bound says:

    Well every country around the world has places that they store things they no longer need or use. Its a very impressive site to see all of these aircraft just sitting there hanging out, as if they are awaiting some new dawn where they will be called back in action after a long, long slumber…Very impressive pictures…

  16. Jerry Barada says:

    Thus expires the once mighty Soviet military machine… very sad, really.

    • xfree says:

      sad? You must be joking… not for people who know what the border with Soviet Union means.
      Greetings from Poland

      • alibi says:

        One should think that being torn off quite a few times by their neighbours the Poles could of come up with an idea to eventually build their own defence forces just in case.

  17. SSSR says:

    Soviet vehicles in Ukraine,Why not store them in Russia?The aircraft are outdated history.Russia has stealth jets now!

  18. are you kidding says:

    those jets were outdated when they were built .

  19. Mazda5 says:

    What an awesome , almost serene and yet chilling site
    The weapons of war

  20. Sebastian says:

    What an excellent souvenir to bring home. I must remember location for when I next depart for the Ukraine.

  21. Boris Badenov says:

    Isn’t there a market for recycling this stuff? Send it to China, they’ll make money with it somehow.

  22. Chrisix says:

    i wish they were for sale 🙂

  23. Sven the swede says:

    If these things were working they could sell them to some backwater African country and see them conquer the whole continent!

  24. Grek says:

    that american pig …… that why everybody hates you what a message….”what a shame it would be a great target for our f-15s”

    thats why in Serbia there were shot 12 F-15s
    2 of them by Greek pilots.yankie noobs you act like biatshes

  25. nightkraawler says:

    when are u gonna learn not to take things personal…the guy on the other end can easily be some young little douche that has not been taught manners yet…
    cool post though…it seems like a huge waste…I would sell them in pieces to architects

  26. Ex-pilot says:

    Durig the soviet era i still remember when we droped them in the sea to make ”artificial corail” for the environment 🙂
    i dot know were our country are going now

  27. nightkraawler says:

    when I see all that equipment rotting away , it gives me that sense of waste… but in reality …it would cost too much to fix those things

  28. Dennis says:

    What city or part of Ukraine is this airdrome? Anyone know?

  29. prashanth says:

    Yo! Pretty amazing stuff that u have there.What a sad end to a brilliant& a vibrant collection of a wide variety of spectacular(men and)machines.I am extremely disappointed to see a willful and a criminal dissipation such a wide assortment of great machinery, no! not just these alone or the Ekranoplans that we have also heard of, but the sum assortment of a wide variety of sturdy & brilliant equipment like similar eq belonging to the soviet navy,army and of course the satellites along with the the cruise missiles that brought about far reaching (No pun intended(:-))consequences, a run off of the cold war era. I suppose which did what they were intended to do; bring the two dissenting powers to the table and brought abought a swift end to the MAD arms race.Its another matter that they were sacrificed as pawns in the ensuing treaties that the 2 signed, these were rather unceremoniously plucked from wherever they were there, and marched to the abbatoir like the proverbial sacrificial lambs .Whatever said n done I still feel that these participants of the one time cavalry really deserved a better end rather than the ignominious exit given to them by the present administration…A real sad, sad way to extinguish an otherwise brilliant “career” of these & other equipment that i mentioned 2u earlier.there are any number of folks& governments who would b ready2 purchase these equipment esp if u were2 gift wrap 1more when they ask4 one, esp when u seem2 have plenty of them.(2 take care of the problems of elusive spares)And of course it will buoy up the sagging bottom lines and bring many a smile to many of the remnants of those connected to it at the time….all in all, a gr8 coverage of the same.Thank q very much 4 the same.

  30. Tom says:

    Great pics here! Love abandoned aircraft, and this looks a bit like the former Soviet version of Davis Monthan!

  31. dawn says:

    Most likely most of these vehicles were abandoned after they were used in the cleanup of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster and thoroughly contaminated with radioactive waste. For all you 80’s babies that never heard of Chernobyl and think this place is so cool – you haven’t got a clue what really happened there in 1986 and the amount of radioactive fallout spread throughout the area and Eastern Europe in general that will remain toxic for the next 1,000 years.

  32. Nick says:

    Shame to see aircraft rotting – but in realitythey’re totally obsolete.

    These days it’s drone aircraft that will be used- the MI2s etc are antiques.

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