Synchrophasotron And Nuclotron 1
31 Synchrophasotron And Nuclotron

Synchrophasotron And Nuclotron

Synchrophasotron, an accelerator built in Dubna in 1957, has become the biggest and the most powerful for his time. Its magnet weighs 36000 tons and is registered in the
Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest in the world. It had been working till 2002 and by now in its basement a new accelerator, Nuclotron, has been built.
Homeless Odessa 1
45 Homeless Odessa

Homeless Odessa

Photographer David Gillanders has spent some time in the company of homeless children of Odessa. The Ukrainian AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) asked David to show their everyday life. The fact is that
nearly all these children take drugs and they are HIV positive, so they make up the most complicated group for the activists of the foundation as it's too hard to communicate with them.
17 Hunting After Thunderstorm

Hunting After Thunderstorm

Some stunning photographs of
thunderstorm taken in early August
10 3D Paintings in the Moscow Parks

3D Paintings in the Moscow Parks

For those who vow themselves to start a new life since each next Monday and go in for sport, but postpone the realization of this
plan again and again, "Nike" company creates cool 3D paintings in the Moscow parks to break the fictitious barriers.
12 Nature Vs. Humans

Nature Vs. Humans

Very often the nature proves it's stronger than
humans and all their technical evolution...
A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny 4
17 A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny

A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny

In the end of the XIX century Ivan Poddubny showed the whole world the power of Russian people. His
physical ability, strength, incredible victories were associated with the country his was from.
Helicopter Crash Near Minsk 1
28 Helicopter Crash Near Minsk

Helicopter Crash Near Minsk

Recently in Minsk there was held the 2010 Open CIS Helicopter Cup that turned out to be a tragedy for a German pilot Gunter Zimmer. A cheerful man aged 74 had flown since 1961 doing the tricks that hardly could be done by most young pilots. He came
to the tournament with his partner but was luckily alone in the cabin during the fatal flight. The helicopter was approaching the landing strip, but crashed and started burning. The reasons of the tragedy are still unknown. 
Ukraine 1890-1900 39
23 Ukraine 1890-1900

Ukraine 1890-1900

Color photographies of Ukraine taken
in the end of the 19th century.
Moscow Summer 2010 8
41 Moscow Summer 2010

Moscow Summer 2010

Some years ago it would be hard to believe that these pictures
were taken in Moscow... Let's have a walk in the smoke!
Daily Routine of Airborne Forces 1
35 Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

Daily Routine of Russian Airborne Forces

This time we offer you to see how an ordinary day of Russian airborne forces looks like.
These guys are serving in one of the regiments in Kubinka, the Moscow Region.

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