Krasnoyarsk From Above 1
17 Krasnoyarsk From Above

Krasnoyarsk From Above

Krasnoyarsk of today is a modern industrial city with unique architecture, the capital of artisans, talented people of Siberia, one of the most beautiful cities of the
country. Krasnoyarsk has been repeatedly admitted to be one of the most well-planned cities of Russia. Let us see at this wonderful city from the height of 118m.
Clown in the City 1
27 Clown in the City

Clown in the City

What can make people smile more often? Be more cheerful? Forget their problems at least for a
minute? Maybe clowns they can suddenly meet in the street?  Let us check if it works.
Russia Is Still On Fire 2
69 Russia Is Still On Fire

Russia Is Still On Fire

Russia is still on fire! People still do not get any
positive forecasts and can hope only for God.
Porsche 911 Turbo 1997 For 17 300 USD 1
30 Porsche 911 Turbo 1997 For 17 216 USD

Porsche 911 Turbo 1997 For 17 216 USD

Imagine Porsche 911 Turbo 1997. 1000 km travelled, almost new.  480 hp! However, there is one problem ... the car is in Penza. No, sorry, another problem ... It
requires repair ... See yourself. By the way, if your friends have been looking for "a cool car under 20k USD" you can offer them this variant.
Abandoned Radio Masts 1
22 Abandoned Radio Masts

Abandoned Radio Masts

One of the cult places near Moscow - easily accessible but still rather interesting. Here you can meet various 
lovers of height. We'll show you the abandoned radio masts of Radio Center №9 in Electrostal city.
News From Russian Roads - Part 5 2
19 News From Russian Roads – Part 5

News From Russian Roads – Part 5

Truly freaky parking collection, each
time you see this you are amazed.
Tank Painted Pink 1
20 Tank Painted Pink

Tank Painted Pink

That's a prank played by some teenagers in Bratsk. They thought
an infantry fighting vehicle would look better being pink.
Russian Happy Meal 1
15 Russian Happy Meal

Russian Happy Meal

How do you like this Russian Happy Meal? Buying
preserved food you get a free gift as well...
43 The Flying Tank

The Flying Tank

Mi-28N "The Night Hunter" has a special system of pilots protection and can "see" an enemy at 35km distance even
in darkness. Test pilots call it "fighter-helicopter" and ordinary people know it as "a flying tank".
The Car of a Futurama Fan 1
15 Futurama Car

Futurama Car

A perfect example of a
cool fan's aerography!

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