If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 1
43 If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

In the 1980s Russia was in love with a popular singer and songwriter Victor Tsoi. Unfortunately, he tragically died at the age of 28, but he still has lots of
fans who love and remember his songs. On August, 15th there was 20-years anniversary of his death and his true fans gathered at his memorial wall.
53 Generation Next

Generation Next

Yesterday we showed you some funny avatars from the Russian social network and many readers couldn't believe that they are authentic. However they are,
and to give you some confirmation we offer to see some pictures of young Russians who like  energetic "Jaguar" drink containing vodka.
23 American Life in Russia, 1959

American Life in Russia, 1959

Back in 1959 there was a strange exhibition held in Moscow. It was a show case of American way of life demonstrated to common Russian people, something unseen by them and never even dreamed to be seen during the harsh Stalin years. For this purpose thousands of examples of the American lifestyle were brought to Moscow and placed in the freshly built complex, that was also built by an American company. They brought everything you can imagine - American
cars, American food, Coca-Cola and jeans, but also they brought some really large objects like the real american shopping mall was brought and displayed in Moscow, or the example of a typical American home. This video was shot during that event by an American filmmaker and was originally more than fourty minutes long but due to youtube rules was shrinked to ten minutes. Still you can see most of it caught on tape.
Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition in Moscow 16
9 Unique Exhibition Devoted to the Art of Leonardo Da Vinci

Unique Exhibition Devoted to the Art of Leonardo Da Vinci

A unique exhibition devoted to the art of Leonardo Da Vinci was held in the
state department store (GUM) in Moscow. Here are some pics of the event.
Airport As a Passenger Sees It 1
41 Airport As a Passenger Sees It

Airport As a Passenger Sees It

If you have flown by plane at least once you have probably been in an airport, in a waiting room, eaten buns in a local cafeteria...
But have you ever been in a special  terminal of business aviation from where oligarchs fly away by their private planes?
Costume Ride 1
19 Costume Roller-Skating

Costume Roller-Skating

Roller skating is health and fun, costume skating is
double fun! Perfect way to rest and impress!
Anti-Alcohol Soviet Posters 2
30 Anti-Alcohol Soviet Posters

Anti-Alcohol Soviet Posters

Following the funny weekend let us show you some
anti-alcohol agitational posters of the Soviet time.
Extinguishing Wildfires 2
18 Extinguishing Wildfires

Extinguishing Wildfires

Wildfires in Russia are actively extinguished by volunteers who buy
equipment, food, clothes and successfully manage with fire.
7 Try To Catch Me Up

Try To Catch Me Up

Lately Kazan could have seen some Hollywood-style chases, when the "star racer" was finally caught by road police he tried to buy freedom for a million of rubles
(about 33 300 USD)! The director of the consolidation agency had already been previously detained for 9 road accidents where 14 cars were wrecked.
Tramway Depot of Strogino 24
25 Tramway Depot of Strogino

Tramway Depot of Strogino

Let's visit the tramway depot of Strogino in Moscow. It was opened on May, 25th 2002
instead of the old depot of Krasnaya Presnya that was closed on the same day.

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