19 The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010

The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010

Posted on August 29, 2010 by team

The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010 1

We’ve already seen the girls of this event. And now it’s time to check the cars.

The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010 2The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010 3


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19 Responses to “The Moscow International Automobile Show 2010”

  1. Gerhard says:

    I saw all these cars over a year ago in the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt. Except the LADA’s of course.

    Oh, and BTW., first.

  2. Byron76 says:

    Really impressive pictures, nice girls… and glad to see the Lada Niva (a very appreciated car for his all-terrain capabilities) sharing a space with other western designs.
    We got to confess that the Niva aswell other designs as the Land Rover Defender will not win a beauty contest… but they where developed not with the intention to fill our eyes… they where developed to take people from X to Y no matter what’s between those points…
    Best regards from Argentina.
    Kudos for your daily work!!!!

  3. Gurtek says:

    holy cows nice not awesome cars…………..

  4. cahir says:

    Cars? who want to watch cars, Where are Girls?

  5. crrr says:

    Lada Niva is immortal :)

  6. Pedro Paulo Augusto says:

    I cant belive LADA still exists. Here in Brazil we received tons of LADA cars in the 90s. Ther had very low quality, and the cars became a joke here. And our brazilian cars already suck very much, but LADA was even wrost.

    The joke here in Brazil is this: It’s better to have AIDS then a LADA, since AIDS you can pass to someone.

    Sad joke, I know.

  7. Nightstranger says:

    saw NIVA couple times over in Canada. Personally, i think Jeep is better than NIVA. Very nice cars on the show tho!

  8. ghita says:

    The 28 th picture, is a replica for Dacia Logan, a very well sold car. If you don’t belive, please join dacia.ro. The model is MCV and it is made by Renault. The russians will never stop stealing.

  9. Ivana Benderova says:

    In photo #12 – the driver is saying to passenger this… “Like OMG! How do I get this stick shift lever out of my yoohoo!”

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    In photo #12 – the driver is saying to passenger this… “Like OMG! How do I get this stick shift lever out of my stinkhole

  11. nazi says:

    Woman near Maybach doesn’t have armband with swastika

  12. china says:

    BMW won a great margin in China as they sell one Q7 with price of rmb 1 million, around 130,000 euro, so they earn over 30% margin from China wih only 10 % of quantiy of the world. but sooner or later good days will be over for german in China.

  13. AC Delco says:

    Nice cars. That was beautiful. Very elegant. Nice photos.

  14. Tom Collins says:

    Wow what a great auto show. To bad it was so far away.

  15. Mia Isagenix says:

    I expect the Chinese are moving forward fast on building better and better cars.

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  17. Mary Price says:

    The top pictures are all German cars. Is that because they were more dominant at the show than other manufacturers or just that you put them first because the cars are so cool looking?

  18. scott says:

    Chevy Cruze…

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