25 Gate to Arctic: “Lenin” Nuclear Icebreaker

Gate to Arctic: “Lenin” Nuclear Icebreaker

Posted on August 25, 2010 by team

Gate to Arctic: \

Today you have a unique chance to have an excursion inside a nuclear icebreaker “Lenin”.

Gate to Arctic: \

Part of the forebody

Gate to Arctic: \

It has been working non-stop for 30 years with a little break in 1967.

Gate to Arctic: \

Atomic powered vessel is the first surface shi with a nuclear powered-plant. It went to sea for the first time on 3rd December, 1959.


Waiting for the excursion

Gate to Arctic: \Gate to Arctic: \

Here we go aboard!

Gate to Arctic: \

An elegant anteroom

Gate to Arctic: \

Coining used to be the popular kind of decoration

Gate to Arctic: \

Stylish stairs leading to the pilot room and the captain saloon.


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25 Responses to “Gate to Arctic: “Lenin” Nuclear Icebreaker”

  1. Unknown says:

    A modern Titanic.

  2. NastyNate says:

    1ST….. cool boat though

  3. ilpalazzo says:

    Very impressive! I love the estetics. One could just muster on the ship and trip to the days of yore…

  4. whodareswins says:

    Why would a man on crutches even want to go down those steps?

  5. Chololo says:

    The interiors remind me of Mexican buildings built in the 60’s too. I like that kind of minimalistic aesthetics

  6. George Johnson says:

    That is an impressive ship. Kinda funny though. They have a working, and apparently good, nuclear power power system on this ship. Yet they seem to have missed it on their submarines. They didn’t get those right until later. Makes me think they were done separately.

  7. Chico says:

    Very nice. rather posh interior. love it.

  8. Aaron says:

    Check your facts, the first nuclear powered surface ship was USS Long Beach CGN-9 set sail in July of ’59…full six months before ol’ Vlad here.

  9. Q says:

    Amazing pics, I love the interior! It reminds me of the good old times…

  10. teo says:

    Lenin is a Soviet icebreaker launched in 1957, and is both the world’s first nuclear powered surface ship and the first nuclear powered civilian vessel. Lenin was put into operation in 1959 and officially decommissioned in 1989. :)))))))

  11. Sense sir me says:

    Quite the feat!

  12. SovMarxist1924 says:

    “Study as Lenin studied!” (Pic 66)

  13. are you kidding says:

    Think of the people who were getting radiated by obsolete technology for 30 years .

    • eger_666 says:

      The technology is pretty good, and it’s, enough to be not radiated.
      I notice that always write negative posts here.
      You have problems, nobody loves you? xD

  14. Jack says:

    Hi guys – I work in the British Pathe film archive.

    I see that a Polish website discussing this topic is watching one of our videos ‘ICEBREAKER’ -http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=60116 A video of the Atomic Ice Breaker in Leningrad.

    It’s great footage of this ship when it was launched.


  15. z-man says:

    Yep, apparently Russians invented and HDTV too, which is found in the captinan saloon! An impressive boat though!!!

  16. Greek says:

    intresting ship

  17. richard says:

    Awesome,great to see her preserved so well.

  18. Wolf Schneider says:

    „The device measuring depth” is the control desk of the R-619 radio station in fact.

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