43 If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive

Posted on August 18, 2010 by team

If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 1

In the 1980s Russia was in love with a popular singer and songwriter Victor Tsoi. Unfortunately, he tragically died at the age of 28, but he still has lots of fans who love and remember his songs. On August, 15th there was 20-years anniversary of his death and his true fans gathered at his memorial wall.

If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 2If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 3If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 4If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 5If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 6If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 7If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 8If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 9If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 10If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 11If He Is Loved He\'s Still Alive 12


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43 Responses to “If He Is Loved He’s Still Alive”

  1. Terminator says:

    wait a minute…. is this the zombie walk link?
    they all need some soap and fresh water

  2. Testicules says:


    Dirt bags

  3. muzzer says:

    shoot them all!

  4. lex says:

    I had no idea Russia had hick towns and trailer parks.

  5. Half-Breed says:

    Too bad only scumbags remember ine of the greatest rockers. RIP Tsoi!!!!

  6. zx says:

    he has nice fans…

  7. Reader says:

    One of Tsoi’s songs

    The music is good (yeah you can tell it’s 80’s), but the true genius was in the meaning of his words. It is no wonder that it was rumored that KGB did him in, though most likely it was just an accident.

  8. George Johnson says:

    OK kids… he’s been dead a while now. Time to move one. (and maybe get a life of your owm)

  9. rooskiya says:

    It is sad to say the youth in these pictures show our future. Perhaps the Soviet times weren’t all that bad.

  10. castleahh says:

    victor tsoi ruled.

    this reminds a lot of like some Elvis fans.

  11. YJ says:

    Haha 4th photo.

  12. xoxo says:

    i thought V.Tsoi was against drugs. remember that movie “Igla”?? how ironic…

  13. Bottlekid says:

    Wow, he left behind some great music. I’m finding all kinds of great stuff on YouTube. Had never heard of him before. Thanks for the post!

  14. Steamed McQueen says:

    Viktor Tsoi has been characterized as the Russian Jim Morrison. I would agree with this. One cannot listen to KINO and not realize that he was the voice of a new generation. This is why he was (IMO) killed. I’ve been to his grave in the Piscaryovka cemetery and on any day you will find people there paying tribute to him and his songs.

  15. Ivana Benderova says:

    Arguably a very decent musician, but Tsoi is (was) only 1/2 Russian, and most of his “fans” (in these photos) were not yet born at the time he died.

  16. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Socialist Realism or Capitalism?

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Socialist realism is: it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because, the people don’t have to. SO, they can get drunk and make more unwanted kids everyday.

  17. Skif says:


  18. geo says:

    number 4 has a nice rack

  19. Roflwaflz says:

    Tsoi lives

  20. grecocypriot says:

    i don’t understand any russian language but this guy’s music was amazing…reminds me of U2 sometimes.

  21. Chris says:

    They should mourn for themselves. The future of Russia is very sad judging by this generation.

  22. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    pretty sure that Russia is the only country that nut jobs aren’t hauled away. Good god it’s sad to see such young faces look so hardened. These kids act like they have nothing to live for.

  23. misha says:

    The dude in pic 9th from bottom plays guitar with his band outside of arbatskaya station all the time.

    So many generalizations in here… you find such people in every big city! And Viktor Tsoi’s Korean heritage doesn’t make his lyrics any less powerful. I can’t say what they mean to kids today, but they were certainly important in their time.

  24. audreyLh says:

    Just like Jim Morrison over here.

  25. Randy says:

    There are 2 pics of a guy with his head on a lady’s lap. He should be careful, he could get a black eye!

  26. Kary says:

    god damn……….
    its so amazingly horrible!!!
    when i saw it, i thought i gonna puke((((

    just use a nuclear weapon to kill them all!!!

  27. alexa says:

    I love Tsjoi. I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUTCH!
    And he was so incredably intellectual, what a man!

  28. DKK says:

    Russia’s finest ?

  29. mukmika says:

    Although these young people look a bit silly, I can understand their feelings. I was a teenager when James Dean, and later Buddy Holly were killed. May they rest in peace.

  30. zipp says:

    He died in Latvia.

  31. a says:

    olga (or sameone in her famyl) has got noble girl baby.she sent her rasputins relatives in the wine basket (under the botles) They were take her bulgaria and they were give her a turkish family(bektashi religions((she did not make,join rutiels all her lifelong).the turkish family grove her.one day she maried and her husband and their 6 sun,2 douther migration turkey and she died in turkey. she reaplayed again and again “I am gallers princes”all her lifelong

  32. Anna says:

    Tsoi`s alive! Pay attention to the 7th proto – it`s a priest (batushka). Tsoi`s fans are very different, i love him since i was 1 year old (and i dont drink, dont paint it black and dont sleep on the street). His poetry is very deep. He was a genious, for real.

    And by the way, hi`s not a popular singer. His music sounds more like.. minimal of some kind. Though, in Russia they call it rock.

    Vremya est`, a deneg net i v gosti nekuda poiti!
    (Have time, but dont have money and a place to go).

  33. Emperor Norton says:

    What’s with the red faced woman in picture 20 and 21. I have never seen a white person turn that shade of red.

  34. Spirit of TLC says:

    The age of Flower Children and then KISS has just been relived in Russia, they are not far behind us and they will transform as we did hopefully with a creative note!

  35. Archi says:

    I work in the criminal police in Moscow and I can say that many of the photos were random people that have no relation to the creation of Viktor Tsoi. At 12, 20 and 21 pictures for homeless drug addict 6 photos, 18 bag handouts. On the day of the death of Choi Street. Arbat come a lot of people that are homeless polzuyutsya free drinks, begging for money. Among those whom you do not see on these pictures politicians, teachers, doctors, and many good people, they do not go to such events, but the love songs of Victor Tsoi. Victor songs with deep meaning, he always struggled with alcoholism, drug addiction and other negative aspects of life can be understood only by knowing the Russian language, the translation will ruin the song. Sorry for my bad English.

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