25 Tramway Depot of Strogino

Tramway Depot of Strogino

Posted on August 15, 2010 by team

Tramway Depot of Strogino 24

Let’s visit the tramway depot of Strogino in Moscow. It was opened on May, 25th 2002 instead of the old depot of Krasnaya Presnya that was closed on the same day.

Tramway Depot of Strogino 2Tramway Depot of Strogino 3Tramway Depot of Strogino 4Tramway Depot of Strogino 5Tramway Depot of Strogino 6Tramway Depot of Strogino 7Tramway Depot of Strogino 8Tramway Depot of Strogino 9Tramway Depot of Strogino 10Tramway Depot of Strogino 11Tramway Depot of Strogino 12


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25 Responses to “Tramway Depot of Strogino”

  1. the master of margarita says:


  2. George Johnson says:

    That girl at end is pretty cute.

    I like that yellow one, painted up. That would be great for a kiddie school bus line or something.

    I wonder if that deters graffiti “artists” any.

  3. SovMarxist1924 says:

    A nice factory. Long live the Industrial Revolution!

  4. Ivana Benderova says:

    Is one required to be obese in order to work at this depot, or is it just coincidence?

  5. biggfredd says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t see graffiti on any of them.

    • wtf says:

      “Oddly enough, I don’t see graffiti on any of them.”

      that’s because there is almost no black people or white youths with black people’s mentality there

      • Austrorus says:

        the trams don’t stop long enough to give the scum a chance to spray on the outside. But they do pleny damage to the (glass) windows from inside, i nthe evening or late night when there are few people on the tram using etching pencils and THAT one can not wash off or paint over it. it means windows will have to be replaced at one stage or other. scum in my opinion, and has nothing to do with race, nationality or country.

  6. SR says:

    I wonder if they used wrapping vinyl on those trams to do the graphics? Airbrushing is so last century. In Helsinki trams the ads or other graphics are made with self-adhesive vinyl film.

  7. Chololo says:

    Its interesting how in most parts (if not all) of North America you don’t see tramway or something similar and it is quite common in Europe. Would it be economical or practical reasons?

    It would be a nice touch for a classic american city downtown

  8. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Think it would be fun to visit this city and ride around on the trams for a day. Have done so in other places. Very interesting and educational.

  9. Bezdomny says:

    Great photos! I’m curious though… it looks like there are several (four? five?) different models of cars in use… doesn’t the non-standardization cause all kinds of problems with maintenance, spare parts, etc.?

    Otherwise, they look great – very “sovrimenny”!

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Yes, different makes, models and ages. The shop is too good. They keep older models running rather than replacing them. This keeps Russian money in Russia instead of buying from China, Japan, Canada or Brazil. You can see that they make repair equipment from old streetcars. They also reuse and repair parts.

  10. DouglasUrantia says:

    Good Lord, why do they paint the food cafeterias in Russia that sickening green color?

  11. YJ says:

    It would be better if they put wood finish in the train cars like the old days.

  12. TimO says:

    Interesting! Thanks!

  13. chris says:

    Love the variety of cars!!

  14. Vladislav says:

    I would like to have job as driver of tram car in Moscow, as it would be wonderful way to meet lovely city girl, especially if I could driving the car with lovely animal on side. Someday I will save enough money to move from the province and live my dream.

  15. Sven the swede says:

    The girl on the last pictures is very nice looking! She looks natural.

  16. VITTUIX-MAN says:

    Infrastructure that is not abandoned nor worn out to finale.
    In my ER?
    It’s more likely than you think.

  17. mad1982 says:

    Its old but look cool

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