15 Russian Happy Meal

Russian Happy Meal

Posted on August 12, 2010 by team

Russian Happy Meal 1

How do you like this Russian Happy Meal? Buying preserved food you get a free gift as well…

Russian Happy Meal 2Russian Happy Meal 3

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15 Responses to “Russian Happy Meal”

  1. dima says:

    tasty gifts!

  2. JZ says:

    Looks a bit creepy…

  3. muzzer says:


  4. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    yuck yuck yuck

  5. OLUT says:

    I would like that except for the fact I really like stuffed animals. I want to liberate them from their jars!

  6. Vadim says:

    Gotta love the brine disolving the cheap chinese paint on those toys.

  7. Testicules says:

    Nothing like a little lead in your diet.

  8. YJ says:

    Photographed in a Russian secret biological research lab.

  9. biggfredd says:

    No way having those in contact with food would ever get approved in the US.

  10. silvertwinz says:

    creepy. like some little kid’s nightmare! i’d scream and run away if faced with one of those. (shivers)

  11. Ad says:

    Kvas – 5.50?!?!!???? Where is it?!

  12. PoleDancer says:

    and in the USA they don’t allow even kinder surprise

  13. AnnDi says:

    It’s obviosly fake, where have you seen such shelves in the store? Photos maden in somebody’s house, just a creepy joke.

  14. Informative post, saved your website for hopes to see more information!

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