17 Hunting After Thunderstorm

Hunting After Thunderstorm

Posted on August 10, 2010 by team


Some stunning photographs of thunderstorm taken in early August Minsk.

Beauty of Thunderstorm 1Beauty of Thunderstorm 2Beauty of Thunderstorm 3Beauty of Thunderstorm 4Beauty of Thunderstorm 5Beauty of Thunderstorm 6Beauty of Thunderstorm 7Beauty of Thunderstorm 8Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 3Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 4

Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 5Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 6Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 7Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 8Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 9Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 10Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 11Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 12Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 13Beauty of Thunderstorm 2 14Beauty of Thunderstorm 3 1Beauty of Thunderstorm 3 2Beauty of Thunderstorm 3 3via yegorius and konstantsin

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17 Responses to “Hunting After Thunderstorm”

  1. biggfredd says:

    before everyone elseth

  2. muzzer says:

    whoop whoop

  3. Testicules says:

    I am sure this little puny thunderstorm was front page news. It is amazing that the people of such a large country can get so freaked out by a little bad weather.

  4. xoxo says:

    quite beautiful.

  5. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Remembering Nikola Tesla….

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      Lightning helped spark life; by the process of electro-magnetism organic molecules would bind together forming complex chains of molecules, which would eventually lead to differentiation in the chain. (Soviet education was outstanding).

  6. TimO says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so so much for sharing!!!

  7. Boritz says:

    Lightning is very much difficult to photograph. Beautiful! Nice to see it here.

  8. Helloz says:

    I live in FL and that’s still pretty impressive :)

  9. Testicules says:

    I live in Fl and it is o.k. Not nearlly as bad as the storms that roll over Tampa Bay every day at 4pm.

  10. Pigeon says:

    Stunning photography.

    Reminds me of being grounded on a sandbank in a boat one time with a 40 foot metal mast sticking up in the air above my head and lightning crashing down all around every few seconds…

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