17 A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny

A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny

Posted on August 9, 2010 by team

A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny 4

In the end of the XIX century Ivan Poddubny showed the whole world the power of Russian people. His physical ability, strength, incredible victories were associated with the country his was from.

He was from the family of Zaporozhye Cossacks. When he was a child he already showed a remarkable strength easily doing  the hardest work. His first partner and coach was his father. For Ivan he was the strongest  and the wisest.

A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny 2

When he didn’t get the permission to marry his first love Alyona Vityak he left Poltava Province for Sevastopol. Later he moved to Greece. Soon he began to perform with a circus of Ivan Beskorovainy. Since he lost some fights against professional athlets he didn’t give any rest to his body. He was following the rigorous sports regimen: doing exercises with the heaviest weights, acclimation, diet, restraining from smoking and alcohol.

Ivan was incredible on the arena! His most prominent performances were the ones with a telegraph pole (it was put on his shoulders and from both sides dozen of people were hanging on it) and “a belt fight”: rivals stretched belts behind their waists and tried to knock  each other down.

A Great Russian Champion Ivan Poddubny 3

He fell in love with an acrobat Masha Dozmarova, so fragile and petite, that he seemed to be a giant near her. He wanted to marry Masha but she died during the performance and broke his heart.


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  1. First says:

    First ?

  2. pjotr says:

    I hope to be as awesome as Ivan Poddubny when I grow up

  3. OLUT says:

    I bet he could beat up Chuck Norris!

  4. perristalsis says:

    Too bad he didn’t live long enough to make it to television in the States. In the ’50’s wrestling was a staple programming feature in all stations. Easy guess as to his stage persona? It’s “Ivan the Terrible” against Moose Cholok!

  5. Testicules says:

    The amazing this is that this guy was only 22

  6. Old Timer says:

    Fedor Emilianenko grand-grandfater?

    Russians are well known for physical strenght.

  7. kasakka says:

    This man has the moustache worthy of a king!

  8. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    Wizard of Oz

  9. Testicules says:

    Macho Man Randy Savage could have taken him

  10. John Birch says:

    Did the Bolsheviks kill him too in their quest to control the world?

  11. Joe says:

    Seems to me that he’s Ukrainian and not Russian.

  12. kv-1 says:

    He is ukrainian strong man

  13. zor says:

    Russian wrestling is always number one ^^

  14. alexa says:

    Russian Champion..

  15. Jaime Wojner says:

    Even on Sunday morning, the vote was clearly too close to call. Rep. 传奇私服 , the chairman of the Democratic caucus …

  16. boyaci says:

    it is big man. and strong. konteyner

  17. AlexK says:

    Ukrainian not russian!

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