26 Abandoned Grain Elevator in Rudkino Village

Abandoned Grain Elevator in Rudkino Village

Posted on August 6, 2010 by team

One blogger has found an interesting abandoned grain elevator in Rudkino village of the Voronezh Region and explored it.

via muph

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26 Responses to “Abandoned Grain Elevator in Rudkino Village”

  1. Orku5 says:

    I love old, abandoned buildings. The best scenery for nice photo shoots

  2. Poche says:

    In pic 9 and 11:
    Our those the recent/current Russian forest fires?

  3. marwin says:

    “ypa, bljad” is, of course, absolutely obligatory ;) the Russian man just cannot pass by a wall without not scribbling this magnificent maxim on the wall …

  4. zimbo1947 says:

    Always very impressive, these old disused buildings.

  5. Awesome. My mind always trips with such images.

  6. Cracker says:

    I love abandoned places!

  7. kbr says:

    those site have always the best views, I wonder why?

  8. RAMBO says:

    I like abandoned places but I worry about asbestos in them.

  9. Antti-Antero says:

    Slowly but surely nature claims it’s space.

  10. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Capitalism, too, will crumble…

  11. biggfredd says:

    In the US, they’ll tear down a ten year old building because it’s cheaper to build new than bring the old up to code.

    In the former USSR, they’ll just abandon buildings that never should have been built where they are.

  12. Macsen says:

    Cool. Much newer, and bigger, that the one down the highway (about 100 km) at the ghost town of Fuslir, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  13. TimO says:


  14. Kirov says:

    Looks a lot like our Astrakhan apartment building. We live there for many years and are still good. People complain to much.

  15. Bob says:

    I like old grain buildings. Dunno why. I’m from Manchester.

  16. Unknown says:

    Awsome pictures! I love them!!!

  17. Wow awesome photos, I love checking out abandoned buildings. Recently had the chance to explore an old psych hospital in flint Michigan USA. Was pretty eerie!

    At first glance these photos remind me of Tenpenny tower in Fallout3. Anyoneelse see the similarities?

  18. Dirtyape says:

    Get out of here Stalker

  19. Cornucopia says:

    Fuslir, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I try to search, and google fuslir, but i cant found fuslir, not mentioned Wikipedia.


  20. Varthash says:

    When looking out at the countryside, why does the land appear to be so empty ? Where is the population ? Does everyone live in the big cities, or are there many (or few) villages ?

  21. Roman says:

    the same elevator is 200 meters away from me :))
    they are everywhere

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