10 Travelling to Frantz Josef Land

Travelling to Frantz Josef Land

Posted on August 5, 2010 by team

Inside this post we’ll travel to Frantz Josef Land Archipelago, look through a port hole, land, go along the glacier and view the wonderful landscapes.

Frantz Josef Land is a basaltic plateau split into many islands and covered with ice.

Alexander Island

Going to the south-west of the archipelago

Icebergs are rather huge

Icebergs formation


The shore of the largest island of the archipelago – George Land

Kind of little beach


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10 Responses to “Travelling to Frantz Josef Land”

  1. nightstranger says:

    Great pictures!!!

  2. Macsen says:

    Cool looking place (in both ways of “cool”)!

  3. harfang says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Thanks you!! More Siberia please! <3

  4. Ban-me! says:

    Nice photos. What event happened there 100 years ago?

  5. Jonny says:

    The Name is Franz Josef Land.

  6. Ramses says:

    Beautiful place, there must be some atomic waste barrels lying somewhere…

  7. Johnny says:

    Great pictures like these are the reason why englishrussia is becoming the top browser bookmark of the masses!

  8. Beautiful images. thanks for sharing

  9. YJ says:

    There is obviously sign of global warming.

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