20 Russian Randomness 5

Russian Randomness 5

Posted on August 5, 2010 by team


Here are some pictures actually commeniting themselves.

Women drinking vodka


Fire survivor


How long does one have to work in Russia to buy Big Mac? (8-hours working day)


This is not African-Russian, he just works too hard on Russian tank repairs


Chocolate covered bacon

salo_01salo_02salo_03via cypa and photopolygon

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20 Responses to “Russian Randomness 5”

  1. kirill says:


  2. JZ says:

    Its just that kind of site…

    • kirill says:

      well I think the guy that maintenances the site is kinda loving russia :) why does he need to keep that blog alive then?) or he just speculates for some reasons) but that blog doesnt give him any money for sure, so he is making it for his own fun. I understand that he probably wants to show all the russia. not only templated nice stuff. but i still didnt discover something really cool in blogs he keeps posting except negative\weird\not nice looking stuff

      • JZ says:

        Well actually I think it does bring money. A lot of people visit this site, and as I can see it’s not on a free hosting and there are also google ads here, so yeah… the other question is what profit he gets from it, but I guess it’s really not my business…

    • Marie says:

      I disagree I think it shows all sides of Russia including many beautiful places and people. I’m not Russian at all and I love this site, why do I keep coming back? It is very nice.

  3. harfang says:

    Do a search for “nature” and russian-nature,” there are many beautiful entries here. I for one am really happy to get my Siberian landscapes fix here regularly.

  4. kirill says:

    well dont want to start a holy-war. I agree on the fact that everybody sees things different)
    but to me personally here is only not nice looking stuff.
    like moscow in smog. burned russian villages. poor people everywhere.
    never mind

  5. lithuanian says:

    Thats not bacon – it’s marzipan. Post a wrapper next time…

  6. Cracker says:

    I think it is meant as a gauge to show how much people in different areas of Russian make.

    A worker in Moscow has to work 15 minutes to buy a Big Mac, but a worker in Ivanovskya Oblast has to work 80 minutes

  7. Erik says:

    Poor cat, his whiskers look terrible.

  8. xoxo says:

    the cat is cute.

  9. mukmika says:

    Cat was very close to fire, if whiskers are singed. Should still have a few lives left.

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    Sure you are, and sure you do… and if you did. you would never ask your ‘f’tard ? anyway…. foad ‘tard. LOLZ!

  11. Ivana Benderova says:

    yes you have reached a blog Einstein. what is your next ? ??? LOLZ!

  12. Kent says:

    Wow, it takes the average Russian 8 hours of work to buy one cheezburger?

  13. gingrenut says:

    ohhh the poor kitty! The seniors are going to have to rebuild without help from the govt. Putin should force
    Boris Yelstins crooked daughter Tatyana Yumasheva to
    to help the locals for once in her life, give back to your country!

  14. Ivana Benderova says:

    Cuz… he’s a Dutchie. He’s a VanDerSloot, capice? LOLZ!

  15. pressedwarthog says:

    I’m sure you’re right but why did you leave if Russia’s so great?

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