18 Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich?

Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich?

Posted on August 5, 2010 by team

Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich? 1

One craftsman has made a cool tuning of an old Moskvich.

Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich? 2Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich? 3


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18 Responses to “Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich?”

  1. Vlad says:


  2. Orku5 says:

    TopChop looks brilliant on that car

  3. DougW says:

    Nice work. Got to be cramped in that car.

  4. DouglasUrantia says:

    man turns toy car into a real toy car….nice!

  5. Aleyosha says:

    what a waste.

  6. xoxo says:

    another silly boy who’s hung up on “pimp my ride”…he butchered that car…and the paint-job??…so bad.

  7. Wraith says:

    What’s under the bonnet? No point having the show if there’s no go!

    A Mazda 13B rotary would probably be good fit, but they can be thirsty on fuel.

  8. Gerald says:

    nice car looks from the outside like you did a good job lets seem the belly and in the interior.

  9. Pickup Andropov says:

    Everything is good except front and wheels. Which is trash.

  10. Swansen says:

    ok, i give him props for originality, but OH MAN, the original car was really pretty as is. Some nice wheels a little lowering and whatever powerplant most tuned in that area would have gotten more props, but its cool.

  11. miami dude says:

    you can polish a turd, but it will always be a turd.

  12. bijdehans says:

    What a shame that guys who are able to do things like this have such horrible tastes…

  13. RickRoll says:

    Wtf? Is that a pregnant lady in orange shirt with vodka in second to last pic?

  14. Benfatto says:

    You either show it all, or skip it. Nothing wrong with showing a human body:,-Russia.html

  15. Benfatto says:

    hehe, replied to wrong topic ;)

  16. the car looks great! definetly a good job – i like the last pic best!

  17. Andi says:

    Nice work, especially with the lowered roof. The front bumper may be rubish but after all the car looks nice, seems to be a hot rod from the back and side view. Felicitari baieti, ati obtinut din rahat bici, cu succes.

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