12 What’s Hidden Under the Bridge Crossing the River?

What’s Hidden Under the Bridge Crossing the River?

Posted on August 3, 2010 by team

Any bridge is not only a monolithic construction, it always has different ways, communications and other interesting staff inside.


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12 Responses to “What’s Hidden Under the Bridge Crossing the River?”

  1. Geoff Kovalo says:

    Again I am first? mmm my lucky day I suppose

  2. Okno says:

    Here is a truly global design

  3. Boritz says:

    In America this place would be occupied by home-less people and be littered with their trash.

    • Kent says:

      Only because if in Russia homeless people tried to live there they’d end up getting taken to prison and beaten to death.

      Russia has way more homeless people than the US by the way. Russia is such a messed up country that you need to focus attention on the US to feel better about your gigantic messy, terrible country.

  4. Marco says:

    Wonderful, simply that. It’s art of its finest in my opinion.

  5. Richard says:

    It looks like it is falling apart in places like much of Russia has from a decade or longer of neglect. Small things to fix. Russia has been falling to pieces now for a long while, but now that Mr. Puten is going to become President again, I’m hoping for strength to grow in the country, and like a great country should be. I think Puten is more trustworthy than any American polatition currently. Barac Obama is a joke here in the US. All the hard fought freedoms our forefathers have lived and died for are being flushed down the toilet, and totalatarinism is taking over, Socialists have become powerfull since the Republicans are down right now, but in november when electons come again, mabe we can vote out the corrupt people in Washington. I hope Mr. Puten becomes strong, and Russia becomes number 1 strong again. Mabe then our country will learn something about having some balls and defending our country instead of letting mexico and islam invade our borders.

    • xoxo says:

      it is spelled “Putin”, with an “i”. stop smoking crack and do something productive.

    • Charles says:

      Mexicans can invade your borders as long as the southern states want unreasonably cheap labor. You should be thankful that they’re running TO your country (it must be better than Mexico somehow, no?).

      These personal freedoms of yours? Pfft. They have been whittled away by the republicans. Sure, you felt free, but you had to fully fund your own medical care and you could take loans that were unsustainable. But socialism, that hasn’t even entered the equation yet. You call centrist policies “socialist” and yet REAL socialism would minimise wage gaps between the lowest and highest-paid people. Everyone would receive high-quality education and the ‘playing field’ of capitalism would be levelled to provide equal footing for every American going into the workforce to build the fallen nation of the United States into the truly great nation it started out as.

      What has Obama actually done? He’s had to play catch-up with disaster after disaster. Those disasters removed these supposed ‘freedoms’, not anything he did. Credit collapse? That was an inevitable legacy of Republican rule. Job losses? That too. Oil washing up on the shores of the temperate southern states? Why, a socialist government wouldn’t allow work practices to go awry and let such a thing happen. A ‘democratic’ government (your Democrats are NOWHERE NEAR what ‘SOCIALIST’ means) may let a few bad practices slip in. Republicans? Their policy is “well they’re only oil rig workers, I bet none of them have SEEN a meeting room – who cares about their safety and work practices?”

      For you to say Socialists are powerful in America is laughable. Socialism in America is as powerful to the people as fog is to a parched desert. For the first – it has ideas but no power, for the second – it has moisture but no rain.

  6. VITTUIX-MAN says:

    Hurr, hope those are just very odd looking birches, not hemp in one of the outside images.

  7. Gopher says:

    Reminds me of Half-Life 2 “Bridge” level.

  8. Panda says:

    They should build sort of honeymoon glass penthouse under those sea-top view place.

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