29 Football Match Arrangement

Football Match Arrangement

Posted on August 3, 2010 by team

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A football match Spartak-TSSKA in Luzhniki, Moscow – let’s focus not on the game itself but on its arrangement this time.

Sportivnaya metro station only lets people out and not in. Right at the exit fans are separated to prevent skirmishes.

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It’s almost impossible to bring something prohibited, fans pass five points of inspection.

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Fans may bring plastic bottles but without caps in the case they decide to throw full bottles in each other.

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Fans start coming 2 hours before the match, the stadium opens 1,5 hours before. It’s the point of inspection at the entry to the stadium. Tickets are checked automatically by means of bar codes. However some “craftsmen” try to forge them …

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The main point of inspection after the entry, here fans are searched again. Girls have a separate passageway.

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At the grand stands fans are checked for the last time.

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Resellers are always hard to detain. Violations are often recorded on cams.


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29 Responses to “Football Match Arrangement”

    • Pawel says:

      OMG those Russians look like they have foetal alcohol syndrome like that kid sent back to Russia by his adopted American mum. :(

      • w says:

        sausage fest

      • alibi says:

        It looks like the Russians have struck a deal with the mother nature – when a child is born in Russia all the beauty goes for the girls the men get whatever’s left and everyone is happy – the girls get the beauty, the men get the beautiful girls.

  1. Lithuanian says:

    LOL, idk why, but all of them looks like they came from some village, I think russia is one big village.

  2. grecocypriot says:

    Here we go again…

  3. Indy75 says:

    Football matches lack girls :)

  4. CONNIE says:

    I just love Russia!

  5. Nicholas Urfe says:

    The other day one of the players was killed, the banner says “mourning”, fans agreed not to fight this time.
    It wasn’t one of the players, it was just a 22 y.o. Spartak fan, who was returning from a concert with his girlfriend and several friends (of both ages) when they got jumped on by a group of czechens with knives. Yuri Volkov got killed, some others wounded.

  6. Javy says:

    By “ticket resellers” you mean scalpers?

  7. Kent_Diego says:

    $33 seems very light fine. No wonder there is so much trouble. Each seat must cost five times as much to repair.

  8. observer says:

    Russia shall remain white for a long, long time!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cracker says:

    remind me to never go to a football game – looks like no fun whatsoever

    • John Birch says:

      Very fortunate for the oligarchs they are not at the library reading lest they find out how bad their getting screwed. Worse here in the U.S., look how our oligarchs just robbed us blind.

      • John Birch says:

        Reply meant for Valery, I wish the webmaster would modify the comment section. Still the best site on the internet.

  10. xoxo says:

    please keep your shirts on next time…

  11. BigCrow.ge says:

    Hah, fun after game… everyone HAS to go to the metro :D

  12. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. 5 points of security and they still got flares in? Why don’t the Russkies just hand out guns to everybody at the front gate? That way nobody will cause no trouble.

  13. Archy Bunka says:

    The old Irish cops would set these guys straight, they would teach you by beating you with a club.

  14. Bigtuna says:

    Haha ‘Omoh’ reflected is ‘homo’!
    Yes, lame, but I don’t care…

  15. DougW says:

    This is why I watch games on TV.

  16. TimO says:

    Any body need a cop? LOL!!!

  17. skykid says:

    That`s what a real football atmosphere is…most games in West Europe are the rather dull.

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