10 Different World of Nenets

Different World of Nenets

Some photos taken in a settlement of gas workers near Yamburg in 1999. Nenets come there from
tundra for food and other goods. And they bring to sell horns of fawns, fish etc. 
Weird Russian Cars 1
29 Weird Russian Cars of ex-USSR

Weird Russian Cars of ex-USSR

Two more examples of weird cars can be met on streets of ex-USSR. One is a pure gold coated R8 that's being on sale
now for $210K, and another is a budget small car for pick up garbage cruising thru the streets of Odessa.
russian astronaut shooting earth
22 Russian Astronaut Shooting Earth

Russian Astronaut Shooting Earth

It's being quite popular among Russian astronauts, or actually the Cosmonauts to blog from space, while staying on the International Space Station. As a result we can get pretty unique photos with live comments of how our Earth can be seen from that altitude, unedited and pretty amateur looking making
this kind of fun even more charming. Here we have a huge pack of freshly shoot photos while flying somewhere there above our heads, gotten directly from Russian space agency as the space blogger has published them live thru his blogging account. It's twenty first century, baby!

19 Party With Us in a Luxurious Bus

Party With Us in a Luxurious Bus

This is the coolest bus
for noisy parties!
Back to Ancient Rus 1
11 Back to Ancient Rus

Back to Ancient Rus

Recently there was held another historical festival devoted to the history and culture of Ancient
Rus and its neighbouring countries in IX-XI centuries. Here are some photos of the event.

13 “Elbrus-Mont Blanc” Expedition

“Elbrus-Mont Blanc” Expedition

12 incredibly beautiful photos from a
participant of the expedition "Elbrus-Mont

17 Things about Oilfield Workers You Didn’t Know

Things about Oilfield Workers You Didn’t Know

Usually everything that is connected with oil is symbolic to money, even oilfield
workers seem to be smeared with money. But wait, they also have their own problems.
9 Kurilsk Lake; Sea-eagles’ Wintering

Kurilsk Lake; Sea-eagles’ Wintering

While it is full summer and most of Russian, and not only Russian, cities having violent heat it seems like ripe time to carry ourselves, at least virtually, in cold winter and listen to a story about another
phenomena of Kurilsk lake – Sea-eagles’ wintering. Usually at winter by the lakeside there are gathering more than 800 sea-eagles, which are listed in Red Book, to batten themselves with spawning fish.
AutoExotica 2010 1
21 AutoExotica 2010

AutoExotica 2010

To see a real legendary De Lorean and a flying Tavria is only one of many
reasons to come to Tushino at the annual festival Autoexotica 2010.
New Uniform of the Russian Army 1
70 New Uniform of the Russian Army

New Uniform of the Russian Army

Soon all soldiers of the Russian army will wear
this new uniform. How do you like it?

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