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16 Baltika Brewery in Samara

Baltika Brewery in Samara

Have you ever been wondering about how the Russian beer is brewed? And, by the way, not just the Russian one. Except a few popular Russian brands of beer, such as Baltika,
Jigulevskoe and Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Yarpivo there are some foreign ones also brewed over here (among them are Tuborg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg.)
plane_capturing 1
26 Then-captured Plane

Then-captured Plane

Back in August, 1995, Russian IL-76TD RA-76842 plane was captured by the militants from Taliban movement. Along with
the plane an aircrew was also captured (8 people.) And today the story is going to go about this plane.
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39 Angelina Jolie in Moscow

Angelina Jolie in Moscow

Angelina Jolie on a visit to Moscow. Beautiful as always, smiling and
friendly - she undoubtedly made a good impression on Muscovites.
19 Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Here we present new graffiti from
Simferopol, being called "Ukrainian Banksy".
11 Army Cheerleading

Army Cheerleading

In Russia, you can get entertained by Soviet
Army cheerleaders if you visit some soccer game.
60 Kichmengsky Town and Its Dwellers

Kichmengsky Town and Its Dwellers

Pictures of Kichmengskiy Gorodok in
the Vologodskaya oblast area, and its dwellers.
15 Second Birth of a Young Sky Diver

Second Birth of a Young Sky Diver

Yulia Yevdokimenko, a Russian student aged 19, had always been dreaming about a parachute jump. And
finally her dream almost came true.  Why almost? Because both her main and reserve failed to work.
6 How to Make a Rubberbot

How to Make a Rubberbot

If you have some rubber stubs, a laser machine and a
little glue, you can make such a cool rubberbot!
20 Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

On 21st, July some terrorists got into the territory of Baksanskaya hydroelectric power plant. They killed two guards,  beat two
operators of the generator hall and planted five bombs there. Four of them did work. As a result two generating sets were disabled.
23 New Zombie Flashmob

New Zombie Flashmob

Zombies have become very popular all around the world. Maybe it's kind of new fashion to look dead? Here and there people arrange zombie parades, festivals and flashmobs. This
time it took part in Moscow and they tried their best to look like real zombies. Did they succeed in this or not - that you can say after looking on those photos.

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