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4 How Subway Cars Are Made

How Subway Cars Are Made

Another post from category of “how things are made.” This time we’re
going to tell you about how Russian subway cars are developed and made.
9 Weather Apocalypse in Moscow

Weather Apocalypse in Moscow

Lately the weather in Moscow city, Russia was showing some real signs of apocalypse. Firstly, it was extremely hot. All the previous weather records were totally beaten when it got almost 113F high  - temperature that's normal for some Saudi Arabia but for sure not for Moscow. And by the way, as they say, it was much cooler these days in Egypt. Then, partially due
to that extreme heat lots of forest fires started, and the soils around Moscow are made of peat - which is cunningly burning deep down the surface producing some unpleasant intense smoke. So all that smoke went to the molten Moscow streets making them looking even more unreal. And then, the small tornadoes were formed and hit the downtown.
Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers? 3
8 Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

The Valley of Geysers and volcano Uzon caldera located in Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka is a "favourite" place of many Russians to sacrifice their extremities touching the thermal springs with their fingers and wearing sandals despite all the instructions they get. They tread upon the green grass under which is the hot and chemically
aggressive mud. After such experiments burns of the feet heal tortuously slow. It is worthy of note that ONLY Russians show such curiosity, other travellers prefer to follow precautionary measures. But what about bears? They don't get instructions and the wood covering is not made for them. And they are always bare paws. 
16 Demoauto Exhibition in Odessa

Demoauto Exhibition in Odessa

On 24-25 July in Odessa there was held autosound and tuning contest
"Demoauto". Here is a selection of pics from the event.
Cinema Sand 10
8 Cinema Sand

Cinema Sand

In St. Petersburg there was recently held an annual International Festival of Sand Sculpture. Subject of the festival - "World
cinema". Among the participants: Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, France ...
Mustang Fail 1
23 Mustang Fail

Mustang Fail

Here's a fake Mustang that actually was a Lada car which got turned into Ford Mustang
replica by some Ukrainian devotees. Wanted the best, you see the rest ...
Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes 1
18 Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes

Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes

A similar story happened in St. Petersburg just few weeks ago. The prank
seems to become quite popular in the Northern capital of Russia...
Slave Market on the Road 1
35 Slave Market on the Road

Slave Market on the Road

Yaroslavskoye highway in Moscow. These low-paid workers have been standing here for many years. They work for 500 rubles (16,5 USD) a day, often don't return home alive and at best aren't paid a ruble for months and finally turned out. They stand here from 5
a.m. to 9 p.m. and "attack" each car that stops. Local police arbitrary rules are becoming ledendary. The poor guys live in the neighbouring barracks and apartments 10-15 people in a single room paying 3000 rubles (100 USD) for a person.
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19 How an Aircraft is Souped Up?

How an Aircraft is Souped Up?

Just imagine that you are sitting in the middle of TU-154M and there are at least 3 tonnes, if not 8, of kerosene under
you. Can imagine what 8 tonnes of kerosene look like? Yeah, quite difficult, it is. Let’s soup it up?
9 Getting Even Higher

Getting Even Higher

Roofers of Moscow are again at it. And heights are getting madder and madder with every single
time. Now guys conquered one of the capital’s skyscrapers, Mirax plaza. Try not to black out!

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