14 The Strafer Cameraman

The Strafer Cameraman

Posted on July 31, 2010 by team

The Strafer - Cameraman  1

Video materials of this pilot are unique, it’s the chronicle of local conflicts in the Caucasian region and Tajikistan and participation of SU-25 strafers there. Today, being already retired, he even makes acting works from the video materials once shot from the cabin of SU-25.

This camera was bought in 1994 before going to Tajikistan by the decision of a major-general with the only purpose – to brighten up the military life of the staff. It was super modern and very expensive video camera  PANASONIC М-3000, very big and heavy. Mikhail (that’s the name of our pilot) decided to make some aerial shots though he didn’t succeeded much for the first time. The camera impeded flying so much but the qulity of pictures was magnificent. Later he began to use music for his videos. Taking camera to the flights had always been his iniative and he knew the risk.

The Strafer - Cameraman  2

SU-25 is very manoeuvre in the mountainous areas.

The Strafer - Cameraman  3

Like a swallow swiftly moving among the mountain ranges.


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14 Responses to “The Strafer Cameraman”

  1. Eternal Jew Kirov says:


  2. George Johnson says:

    PANASONIK….. Is that a Russian rip off of Panisonic???? Or just a misspelling??

    Amazing he can carry that thing and fly too.

  3. Razorback says:

    What is name of the cool russian song in video “Will be alive”, somewhere in the middle, female vocal?

  4. Ivana Benderova says:

    War profiteer. Should be tried, convicted and hanged. But life sentence to be served in Russkia is already punishment enough.

  5. Alexey says:

    Long range uncontrolled rockets launching uses for kill terrorist squads in a forests. And terrorist can’t use Stinger to break down SU because it has high altitude

  6. Alexey says:

    For tanks killing SU does not use this tactics. SU has controlled rockets that can be launched from far distance

  7. Ayatollah Assahola says:

    Russia should have nuked Chechnya and Afghanistan. CIA puppets eradicated.

  8. Those people are amazing. I not sure about the story I just say they are cool and smart people.

  9. Muzzlehatch says:

    After a few Su-25s were shot down by missiles, an armor plate was placed between the engines, so if one was hit by a Stinger, the other would still operate.

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