21 Cool Illustrations For a Children’s Magazine

Cool Illustrations For a Children’s Magazine

Posted on July 29, 2010 by team

Igor Oleinikov is a talented artist who used to make such cool illustrations for a children’s magazine “Tramvai”. Don’t you agree that when you see a similar cool illustration you always want to read the story it depicts?


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21 responses to “Cool Illustrations For a Children’s Magazine”

  1. Marb says:


  2. Marb says:

    Second as well!!!

  3. Marb says:

    And third!!!

    What do I get?

  4. Marb says:

    Ahlright, i´ll be fine with those beautiful pics then….

  5. Boris Badenov says:

    What do you get? 40 years I,ve been chasing moose and squirrel and do I get to sing songs with Putin? Hell no!

  6. SOja says:

    Awesome paintings! Emotions captured on it are great, never seen something like this before.

  7. Pawel says:

    He is also responsible for the animation in one of the most psychedelic animation movie “Tayna Tretey Planety”:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4SSIbxWRW4 (here, w/Pink Floyd background:))

  8. David Mills says:

    Superb work made by a real talent. Inspirational.

  9. Lord Cunt says:


  10. Maraudon says:

    Awesome drowings!

  11. Sam S. says:

    This is great. Click on my name to help Russian kids with serious illnesses so that they can enjoy these illustrations in the future.

  12. Karla says:

    I like it, expecially cats and bears.

  13. Zen says:

    Totally magic. Some of them remind me of a computer game called “Machinarium”.

  14. callaway x18 says:

    Wow, YourPages will be the No.1in the world!!

  15. Bathbomber says:

    Reminds me of where the wild things are

  16. m__b says:

    WYKOP KURWA!!!!!!!!!


  17. sleepersofa says:

    Article quality is good. It can be published as well.

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