12 Accident in Yekaterinburg: A Car Collided With a KamAZ

Accident in Yekaterinburg: A Car Collided With a KamAZ

Posted on July 28, 2010 by team

This accident happened in Yekaterinburg yesterday.

It was luckily shot by a video recorder mounted on one of cars that was slowly moving behind.  By good fortune nobody was hurt.


12 Responses to “Accident in Yekaterinburg: A Car Collided With a KamAZ”

  1. Lithuanian says:


  2. OLUT says:

    Yikes! It looks as though the driver swerved right into the truck, like he was trying to hit it. I’m guessing he was trying not to hit something on the other side, but it does look like he meant to hit that truck.

  3. Kirov (REAL) says:


  4. Lord Cunt says:

    I’d definitely say that was a suicide job.

  5. liblab says:

    awesome offscreen commentary!

  6. Luqas says:

    He would fit between that car and truck, but he panic and lock brakes (no ABS) so he couldn’t steer enymore. Thats why he hit that left side car. After hit he released accidentally brakes and wheels are turned left + force of crash. =/

  7. Luqas says:

    Well, looks like he didn’t even hit on that car. Just released hes brakes??

  8. Luqas says:

    i mean right side car… -.-

  9. cockatrice says:

    Learned to drive in California…

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