8 Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

Posted on July 27, 2010 by team

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers? 3

The Valley of Geysers and volcano Uzon caldera located in Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka is a “favourite” place of many Russians to sacrifice their extremities touching the thermal springs with their fingers and wearing sandals despite all the instructions they get. They tread upon the green grass under which is the hot and chemically aggressive mud. After such experiments burns of the feet heal tortuously slow. It is worthy of note that ONLY Russians show such curiosity, other travellers prefer to follow precautionary measures.

But what about bears? They don’t get instructions and the wood covering is not made for them. And they are always bare paws. 

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers? 4

For millions years of evolution animals have learnt not only to live on volcanoes but use their heat for good. For example birds often nest on the warm ground – volcanic ground works like an incubator! Such nestlings are always stronger and healthier.

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers? 5

Bears have also adapted to use the volcanic heat. The Valley of Geysers for them is like a gigantic greenhouse with volcanic heating. In spring when Kamchatka is still in snow they find first grass here. Sometimes 20-30 bears gather in the Valley at the same time and such accumulation is actually unique even for Kamchatka.


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8 Responses to “Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?”

  1. Baron says:

    first! By mobile!

  2. Luis says:

    Beautiful place.

  3. zimbo1947 says:

    Very impressive! It shows that all animals adapt to their surroundings at some point. As for the tourists wearing sandals, it takes all kinds and some have to learn by experience, it seems. ;-)

    • cockatrice says:

      Messing around this stuff can be dangerous. I remember a Ranger who’d served at Yellowstone telling about the signs warning against walking around at night, the reasons why and awaking to the aroma of what smelled like stew cooking on a stove. Some fool had ignored every warning available, fell into a hot spring and cooked themselves overnight. Yuck!

  4. HugheJazz says:

    Spectacular photos!

  5. OLUT says:

    Yay, bears! I love bears. So awesome.

  6. Testicules says:

    Why would they scorch thier paws? Somebody made nice boardwalks for them to use….

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