19 Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy

Posted on July 25, 2010 by team

Here we present new graffiti from Simferopol, being called “Ukrainian Banksy”.

“Nobody cares about pain of someone else”



“Murchik kitty”

via re-actor.net

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19 responses to “Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy”

  1. Macsen says:

    Cool. I love the Stalin as a street sweeper, as an ex-member of the Canadian Communist Party (Moscow brand. Although in reality I’ve always been, and still am a Bakunin/Kropotkin anarchist), the vision of a megalomaniac like Stalin sweeping streets is funny. My very favorites are the old lady tagging “Punks Not Dead” by the cop, and the little girl tagging the anarchist “A”.

  2. ExCommie says:

    First … and amazing!

  3. slackerdeluxe says:

    That is some cool work.

  4. Viper007Bond says:

    I dunno about being as good as Banksy, but that certainly is great artwork. I like it a lot. 🙂

  5. OLUT says:

    Huh, that guy used a picture seen on here before as two of his cops! The PUNKS NOT DEAD cop, and the one that’s getting hit by a kid with a baseball bat both come from this photo:


    I’m not sure why I recognise this…

  6. Erik says:

    Nice artworks, love the milk and the coca cola.

  7. Dogz says:

    the last one is cool

  8. YJ says:

    Poor teenager with diseased mind.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      From what I see here, he seems a concerned “teenager” with a progressive mindset. This is only to be admired.

  9. BigCrow says:

    no, 9-th 😛

    Cool art.

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    Wonderful set! I do hope he’ll follow the success of his “big (British) brother” and fully comprehends the potential his work has in changing the sociopolitical status quo in Ukraine.

    Great Work

  11. Testicules says:

    Wierd that he would lump Cocacola, the Nazis, and the Church, as trash for Stalin to sweep away.

  12. m_b says:

    spierdalaj ukraiński cwelu, wykop kurwa!

  13. sergei says:

    i think it IS Banksy, using assumed name. is too much like his style.

  14. Ivana Benderova says:

    Slight difference at all. Art is subjective, and of personal interpretation. Maybe I like what you consider “tagging” more than what you consider “graffiti?”

    Defacing property that does not belong to you is a crime – in any civilized country.

  15. Andrasone-HUN says:

    ZUPA COOL!!!

  16. Angry Voter says:

    I like the TV garbage chute.

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