14 News From Russian Roads – Part 4

News From Russian Roads – Part 4

Posted on July 22, 2010 by team

Road Accidents In Russian Style 2

Here are some shocking pictures of road accidents that have recently happened on Russian roads.

This crane fell on a car with 4 people inside. It’s a miracle but none of them was hurt!

Road Accidents In Russian Style 1Road Accidents In Russian Style 3Road Accidents In Russian Style 4Road Accidents In Russian Style 5Road Accidents In Russian Style 6Road Accidents In Russian Style 7

Road Accidents In Russian Style 8

This unlucky truck got into a hole that had formed as a result of ground water rise under the pavement. The driver got some injures and was hospitalized.

Who needs signalling?







via podrobnosti.ua and wwwboards.auto.ru

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14 Responses to “News From Russian Roads – Part 4”

  1. Ian says:

    Who would want to rob that last car?, be different if he had something decent to protect

  2. V_Power says:


  3. V_Power says:

    ZiL got underground it was n Ukraine!!!

  4. Testicules says:

    4th. No one was hurt becasue it was an American built car.

  5. DouglasUrantia says:

    Can that silver car be repaired? I hope so.

  6. Ceiling Cat says:

    The silver one is a Chrysler. Why would you even want to repair it?

  7. Scarecrow says:

    Why do some countries have such huge license tags?

  8. nightstranger says:

    Yeah, those plates r weird )))
    Allthough Dodge Caravan is not the best car in US, it’s still worth a lot of money overseas. It definetely can’t be fixed either. Sad

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