23 New Zombie Flashmob

New Zombie Flashmob

Posted on July 22, 2010 by team


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23 Responses to “New Zombie Flashmob”

  1. hobbit says:

    Looks like normal day in any USA city. lol

  2. hobbit says:

    I forgot. First

  3. w says:

    It would be a great time to take a sword thru there randomly killing.
    I wonder how many you would get before people realised…

  4. Maraudon says:

    Too bad nobody is dressed up as Left 4 Dead characters.

  5. Openeyed says:

    There are some cute zombie girls there!

  6. shmalex says:

    am i getting a dejavu???
    these fotos were posted here previously!

  7. Erik says:

    Some of these pictures seem awfully familiar, are they the same people as the other time? Or is it just me.

  8. BTonik says:

    Repost! Wu wu WU wu Wu…

  9. Oleksa says:

    I don’t get it, this is just sick

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    LMAO!!! Desperate and dysfunctional Rustards! LMAO! This is actually funny! Thank you!!!

  11. OLUT says:

    Hey, you, there, in the photo… you’ve got something on your face. Oh, never mind…

  12. silvertwinz says:

    the guy in pic number 35 looks happy as can be! “hi there! havin’ a great day! wooohooo!!”

  13. muzzer says:

    You sure this is not Glasgow??? All Glaswegiens are like this!!!

  14. perristalsis says:

    Too many posts like this, is now qualified as Zombie porn!

  15. Analytic says:

    http://englishrussia.org lol at this website

  16. randomjoe says:

    Ive seen these photos somewhere before…. oh wait it was from a previous zombie day on this site hmmm….

  17. mexican says:

    Here is a serie of good photos of mexican zombies, made them by the mexican mob:


    Cheers from Mexico, land of dangerous kartels

  18. popeye says:

    Like Zombies need blood, we need cleavage shots.

    Epic fail, ER!

  19. Dragos says:

    A venit Satana pe pamant. :(
    Satan came on Earth. :(

  20. Melika says:

    Content was valuable,Thank you and your good site

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