28 Flying Over the Moscow Beltway

Flying Over the Moscow Beltway

Posted on July 20, 2010 by team

Some pictures taken from a helicopter flying 150m high over Moscow dying of heat.


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28 Responses to “Flying Over the Moscow Beltway”

  1. ololo says:


  2. muzzer says:

    cool pics.

  3. eger_666 says:

    My favorite city!

  4. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    is that the federation tower building site on picture no. 1?

  5. Kirov says:

    Moscow is disgusting rats nest. No style, no prestige, only a lot of people. Living in ugly apartment buildings without airco. I prefer Strakhan any day!

  6. Testicules says:

    Moscow? I thought that was Karachi.

  7. Jasper Saini says:

    Beautiful city, I remember when I first time went through Moscow, sky was so blue and air was as fresh as it has to be. Hope to visit Moscow properly one day.

  8. Critter says:

    Those apartment buildings look so depressing and ugly. And so many of them. Who would want to live in that environment?

  9. sdafasdfasf says:

    Tiny ghost town. Hardly anyone lives there.

  10. sdafasdfasf says:


  11. Otis R. Needleman says:

    From the air, Moscow reminds me of some US cities.

  12. Erik says:

    Big & Crazy city

  13. mad1982 says:

    awesome city , nice views

  14. calahan says:

    Got to visit. ASAP

  15. sexyonion says:

    looks fantastic!

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