53 Water War on a Hot Summer Day

Water War on a Hot Summer Day

Posted on July 19, 2010 by team

That Saturday was too hot and young Muscovites decided to arrange a “water war”. A serious water gun battle was held near VDNKH in Moscow. White T-shirts VS. all others!


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53 Responses to “Water War on a Hot Summer Day”

  1. MarkLenders says:


    Moar pics of girls

  2. brian says:

    loads of nipples in this post

  3. grecocypriot says:


  4. muzzer says:

    second last photo. that girl is hot!

  5. V_Power says:


  6. Andrei says:


  7. John 3:16 says:

    Are you trying to kill me ? my heart won’t stand more of this.

  8. Andrew says:

    summer… i love it!

    hails from Brazil!

  9. Terminator says:


  10. Maraudon says:


  11. Boritz says:

    Moscow girls make me sing and shout…
    Paul McCartney was correct!!

  12. lourivalpaulista says:

    lotta pretty!

  13. Hans says:

    damn hot

  14. Ceiling Cat says:

    Can haz moar boooooobeeeeeez???

    • observer says:

      What’s really bringing down the US is ignorant, arrogant white trash (Republicans, mostly) who have no understanding of anything beyond the score of the ball game.

  15. Half-Breed says:

    Agreeded, time for a flight to the motherland

  16. perristalsis says:

    Fountain porn, destroyer of morals.
    I like it!

  17. Pedro says:

    pic16,do you kill-me! i go russia now.

  18. DarkStar says:

    still fappin ^^

  19. observer says:

    The reply above was actually meant for you.

    To recapitulate:

    What’s really bringing down the US is ignorant, arrogant white trash (Republicans, mostly) who have no understanding of anything beyond the score of the ball game.

    In addition, white trash rednecks like the Republicans who occupy the US government and have a problem with universal health care are the real threat and the real problem with the US, in addition to their never-ending blood-lust war mongering.

  20. six-string samurai says:

    The girl in the photo before the last one is ridiculously hot. Her being soaking wet don’t help either. Also, there should be more posts like this.

  21. TimO says:

    I dont know why this is my favorite site… but something makes it so wonderful indeed….

  22. bob says:

    You got rid of all the nipple shots :( why???

  23. six-string samurai says:

    Oh dear, puritans hard at work. REALLY HARD! hahaha

  24. regular viewer says:

    damn, where are those nipple-shots? why did you remove them? has anybody saved them before this site was censored?

  25. perristalsis says:

    First time I’ve ever seen a posting denipplized.

  26. amoeba says:

    Hey, why have you removed some of the photos. Please put them back!!!

  27. Nastya says:

    Ahhh, looks like so much fun!

    The blonde girl in white shirt and red shorts means business. xD I think we know who the next top female sniper will be.

  28. Testicules says:

    Wow. Someone is really drinking the coolaid

  29. calahan says:

    what the hell am i waisting time on girls from southern california. U got babes there!!!!!!

  30. Andrasone-HUN says:


  31. Ugly American says:

    I’m thinking such dirty thoughts about these clean girls.

  32. tommy says:

    I find it awakward water spraying someone random

  33. lolopup says:

    رش المية عداوة مثل قديم وفى قول اخر غباوة

  34. Just came accross this and it looks like it was an absolute blast…

  35. philsicute says:

    I always like Russia, it remind me with land of charm and magic, wet wet leading to naughty thoughts !

  36. ibcbet says:

    You copy this festival from thailand ..

  37. udhie says:

    Great pict, beautiful girl …

  38. SharmotaShtegara says:

    Girls Love you

  39. COol! I wish everybody can just be that happy!

  40. arun says:

    wonderful pics..

  41. Blogging says:


  42. summer fun. I just love summer

  43. Dayal says:

    many many hot nipples my dear

  44. Wow it’s cool your great pics!

  45. Its really fun to play with water guns.

  46. kissinglord says:

    Amazing send me more

  47. Bollywood Glitz 24 says:

    very weird sport ever

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