8 The Story of the Moscow Tea House

The Story of the Moscow Tea House

Posted on July 15, 2010 by team


The story of Moscow tea originated right from this special tea house located in Myasnitskaya street. It has been selling tea for 120 years and probably will sell it for another hundred of years!



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8 Responses to “The Story of the Moscow Tea House”

  1. Nightstranger says:


  2. spunwicked says:

    second ;)

  3. Silenius says:

    In ashan, that candies cost less! the same candies! :P jaja

  4. Testiculese says:

    Awesome building and interior. Are they selling tea or mulch?

  5. YJ says:

    Most of the tea are likely from Georgia.

  6. kbr says:

    I prefer like in the old days (see picture) when a man sold it in a suit.

  7. moscowguy says:

    omg thats not far away from papas place! sweet!

  8. Sven from Sweden says:

    Are tea houses not supposed to serve tea? It looks like this tea house only sells tea.

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