17 The Most Expensive Road in the World

The Most Expensive Road in the World

Posted on July 15, 2010 by team

Esquire magazine has ventured to reckon up how many centimetres of black caviar, fois gras and chopped Louis Vuitton handbags it is going to make if the Olympic road Adler-Krasnaya Polyana (nearby Sochi, 227 billion roubles for 48 kilometres or 140 million dollars for 1 kilometre or $140,000 for 1 meter) has been built of these very materials.

Oysters – 6.37 centimetres

In computing the thickness of the layer was used a standard price for oysters in Moscow (120 roubles/4 USD a piece)

Black caviar – 1.1 centimetres

In computing the thickness of the layer was used a standard producer’s price for a can (30 grammes) of black caviar (1290 roubles/43 USD)

Chopped Louis Vuitton handbags – 9 centimetres

In computing the thickness of the layer was used a standard price for a Louis Vuitton Knightsbridge handbad (1090 euros a piece)


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17 Responses to “The Most Expensive Road in the World”

  1. whodareswins says:


  2. linas says:

    i don’t understand the point…

  3. Nightstranger says:

    I don’t get the point either! Road out of caviar and chopped bags!?

  4. Domo says:

    Yes, it’s hard to make sense here, but the point is that the road costs way too much – 227 billion roubles (that’s $140,000 per meter).

    Consequently, if we could take this money and spend it on caviar/louis vuitton bags, then we would make a road of exact length (48 km)
    out of these very materials, and it would be 1.1 cm high for caviar, 9 cm high for bags, etc.

    This is done to show the magnitude of corruption when Russians build olympic objects.

    • nightstranger says:

      thanks, now i got it )))
      Such a waste of money!!! Sure the road will cost only a fraction of the whole sum and the rest of money will go to somebody’s pocket. Sad.

  5. jeff pigden says:

    $140M/km of road; in northern BC we only allow $20M/km to rebuild an existing road from 2 lanes to 4 INCLUDING bridge rebuilding. In southern Ont, $150k/lane/km, double when going through raw land.

  6. Bermuda says:

    227 billion rouble for 48 kilometer? Hmmmm….one for the president, one for the minister, one for the mayor, one for Ivan, one for Dasha….oh no, we don’t have any money left, sorry no road building!

  7. silvertwinz says:

    i must be tired. at first look, i thought the cognac was robitussin cough syrup. that REALLY threw me. damn!

  8. Boritz says:

    Road is 30 cm thick concrete, so cost is 30 times less than caviar. Obviously a bargain.

  9. Testiculese says:

    This posting makes as much sense as Mel Gibson after a bottle of Jack and some Zanex

  10. Chuck says:

    Don’t forget the amount of fine herb it took to think of this story idea,hehe.

    $100can an Oz or 5 bucks a Bat,lol.

    Keep up the good job,I love English-Russia.com.Peace

  11. Sergey says:

    Who did not get the point of this post should admit that he/she have no idea about sence of humor at all :)))

  12. Keroro says:

    Actually this road not so easy to build.
    Builders have to build 35km of bridges, 26km of tunnels and railroad. (the thing will be in mountains, remember?)

  13. victor says:

    In computing this doesn´t make sense

  14. kbr says:

    that was very interesting, now I am very very intelligent, not !

  15. Pickup Andropov says:

    Caviar? Rich people eat the fish eggs? They are worse than the uneducated poor!

  16. Good article, thanks. I just signed up to RSS on this blog.

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