23 Hemp Destruction Is a Bad Luck?

Hemp Destruction Is a Bad Luck?

Posted on July 15, 2010 by team


Drug Enforcement Agency is on its mission to destruct hemp. One of the inspectors wasn’t careful enough and was close to burn himself. Apparently it was a sign! 


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23 responses to “Hemp Destruction Is a Bad Luck?”

    • kater says:

      Would you rather sniff it or inject it? Or perhaps rub it in your gums? Wait – it’s best to stuff up yours, that’s right 🙂

  1. muzzer says:

    why burn hemp?

    • kater says:

      Would you rather sniff it or inject it? Or perhaps rub it in your gums? Wait – it’s best to stuff up yours, that’s right 🙂
      (hit the wrong reply button meeehh..)

      • muzzer says:

        Hemp is a strain of cannabis that happens to have a very low percentage of THC (the stuff that gets you high). Plus, it’s grown naturally, where the males are able to pollinate the females. An unpollinated female will have a higher percentage of THC. It doesn’t matter if you smoke the flowers of the female plant, you still won’t get high.

  2. DougW says:

    standing downwind. 😉

  3. Waffen says:

    wonderful! I can write garbage like that and it will not get “moderated”. Thank you Kirov!

  4. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    must be cool having such a job. you can be high all the time!

  5. Terminator says:

    why kill hemp? it will give sore throat before getting anyone high!
    this is good money for beauty product/rope/paper etc etc


  6. Macsen says:

    Ignorance of the medicinal properties of cannabis, fueled by prohibitionist propaganda, causes enormous waste of money enforcing laws bases on ignorance. The calculated lethal dose of cannabis is about 1200 pounds smoked within 15 minutes, makes it essentially non-toxic (you would die from lack of oxygen first), but there isn’t a single death any where in the world attributed to cannabis, yet man made drugs (like Aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) kill many people every year.

  7. CCCP says:

    Is this the Chu Valley?

    Everyone has tried to eradicate the cannabis in this valley and almost everyone has failed(Lenin, Stalin, etc.).

    The hand rubbed hashish from these plants is supposed to be some of the best in the world. BC Bud is garbage, come to NorCal if you want the best.

  8. muzzer says:

    ha ha. soap bar.

  9. CONNIE says:

    Oh I am sooo sooo sad, where was I when the smoke was down wind? I could have gotten high an laughed at the man on fire. I will be very depressed for the next hour.

  10. TimO says:

    Its quite funny watching them, just like in America its the same Ole song, over and over again…. they just make room for deadlier drugs when they eradicate herbs….next, meth will invade your land and buildings will blow up, just like in the states…they took weed away and meth took its place..brilliant minds they are!!!

  11. Rrr-B-Wolf says:


    The Crime of the CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The most helpful plant crymanylized (spl?).

    Go figuere.

  12. Bad luck? I think it’s just pure accident.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  13. Yuri says:

    sooo sativa..

  14. ss says:

    Hemp had been used to make rope for a very long time (my grandfather who used to sail the black sea told me so), smoking it is a relatively modern trend.

  15. carlo says:

    very strange, they don’t use the gas mask, who knows how they are after the work

  16. Ugly American says:

    People are much better off with pot than heroin.

  17. Laurente says:

    What a waste.. .Sad really 🙁

  18. Justin says:

    Someday people will realize just how much has been lost because of idiocy like this.

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