17 Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk

Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk

Posted on July 15, 2010 by team

Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 1

This old ski jump is towering over Murmansk like a huge dinosaur. But a 50m skeleton and this old wooden “skin” is everything that has remained from the pride of the local skiers.

Wonderful views can be seen from above the ski jump , but today we focus only upon rusted metal and decaying wood. Comment is needless.

Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 2Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 3Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 4Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 5

Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 6Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 7Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 8Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 9Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 10Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 11Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 12Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk 13via ralphmirebs

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17 Responses to “Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk”

  1. muzzer says:

    would of been good to see pics of it in its heyday!

  2. Kirov says:

    It does not look so good so it is good they closed it.

  3. vlad says:

    when was it built?

  4. Ivo Valadares says:


  5. crf says:

    If Sochi gets too little snow, they should move the nordic competitions there!

  6. OLUT says:

    The reason it’s so beat up is because it talked back to Matti Nykänen!

  7. biggfredd says:

    I always wonder about the exact moment it went from “great slope” to “dangerous firetrap”.

  8. Testiculese says:

    Give me some roller blades and I’ll jump it today

  9. nbl says:

    No wonder why russian athletes performace in winter olympics was so poor. :))

  10. Cyrille says:

    Found it on Google earth.
    68.950722N, 33.133625E

    • Bobble Hat says:

      Wow, check out the photos on Google Earth – there were 3 or 4 of these jumps next to each other. Must have been an impressive facility in its heyday.

  11. Adolf Skroatler says:

    Looks safe to me. =]

  12. kbr says:

    it is like russia, big dreams – big hopes – good engineering and now decay. Shadow of its former glory :(

  13. TimO says:

    Communism doesn’t work…so much abandoned stuff….

  14. Ivana Benderova says:

    This is Euro Disney – not an “Abandoned Ski Jump In Murmansk!”

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