19 Party With Us in a Luxurious Bus

Party With Us in a Luxurious Bus

Posted on July 14, 2010 by team


This is the coolest bus for noisy parties!

Luxurious Bus 3Luxurious Bus 4Luxurious Bus 5Luxurious Bus 6Luxurious Bus 7Luxurious Bus 8via bad-muthafucka

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19 Responses to “Party With Us in a Luxurious Bus”

  1. Poche says:

    What, no bed?

  2. JZ says:

    On third picture there is a bed plus those sofas can be made into beds, awesome bus, always wanted something like it but with 2 floors.

  3. muzzer says:

    who needs a bed?

  4. Boritz says:

    Where can I get one of these?

  5. Nightstranger says:

    There is a bedroom in the back.
    That’s a pretty nice RV, but I don’t like motorhomes. 5th wheels are way better.

  6. Cracker says:

    That’s a nice motorhome, but its not very luxurious one, its about mid-level.

  7. Wyre says:

    That’s certainly no bus…

    An RV, yes, and certainly quite nice.

    This is a party bus:

    Not as luxurious as that Tuscany brand RV, but also actually a bus. Also, probably better for parties. More durable, and all.

  8. RAMBO says:

    I hate these things. There is an RV center between where I live and the main highway and they and tractor-trailers block up the roads.

  9. Baron says:

    I can only imagine what went on in there :)

  10. Riley says:

    We all are invited!?!!

  11. kbr says:

    mobile playboy mansion?

  12. TimO says:

    Yeah, its an Ameirican made Tuscany…. very nice but way overpriced..

  13. Lono says:

    its just an RV. you people dont get out much, do you?

  14. i really hate bad breath coz it gives me headache`’*

  15. my bad breath have been resolved by taking a swish of rock salt after every meal*:-

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