26 The USSR in the 1950-1980’s

The USSR in the 1950-1980’s

Posted on July 12, 2010 by team


There are some awesome shots back from times of the USSR. Having been shot during 1950-1980’s they represent life of the Russian people in such cities like Moscow, Novosibirsk and in some other cities along the Transsiberian railway track. Most of them were shot just by bypassers and onlookers, but a few were made by foreign photographers like Leonard Giannada and Franco Rattazzi.













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26 Responses to “The USSR in the 1950-1980’s”

  1. Boritz says:

    Ah, the good old days!

  2. Plexo says:

    In the picture that is 34th from the top the people appear to be climbing down a strange bridge to get on to a buss. Does anyone here have any idea what this picture represents?

    • DouglasUrantia says:

      My guess is that the approach to the bridge is so small that they men are just sitting there waiting for the right bus. The whole area seems way over crowded.

  3. D says:

    Very nice pics ! Please upload more vintage ones it’s so cool :)

  4. eger_666 says:

    cool story bro

  5. Valiant says:

    Congratulations once again!!!

    These are the kind of pics I really like.

    Love to see what it was kind of like during the Soviet period.

    Please continue with this kind of postings!

    Regards from Spain


    • Ivana Benderova says:

      “Love to see what it was kind of like during the Soviet period.”

      And you think that this is what “was kind of like” then?

      [enter: sound of gong} “BONG!”


  6. CZenda says:

    The flower-like badges seen on some of the pics are emblems of “International Youth Congress” or something like this, a get-together of young c*o*m*m*i*e*s from various countries.
    The railroad wagon dated 1957 is probably taking French c*o*m*m*i*e*s back to the land of rotten c*a*p*i*t*a*l*i*s*m after the “International meeting of C_o_m_m_u_n_i_s_t and Worker´s Parties representatives”. None of them choose to stay in the “Worker´s Paradise” :-D

  7. Chris says:


  8. John Birch says:

    Karl Marx was the devil.

  9. kater says:

    Never forget that most of these photos were carefully handpicked and subject to censorship. Just like all info on Soviets in the past and now. Soviets have a natural, gene induced ability to spread misinformation and lies. Given a choice of telling truth or a lie, with no consequences and no meaning, they will choose a lie, just for the hell of it. Soviets (now Russians) are very crafty and at and always willing to rewrite history and justify their evil with lies.
    Never forget that Russia is the source of communism, a system that is equal to nazism in its destructive power and hatred for people. Even worse, its own people.
    Remember that Lenin, Stalin and their follower brought almost a century of suffering, terror, oppression, poverty and death to dozens of millions of people.
    Remember that so times like this will not happen again…

  10. Tim0 says:

    Wonderful! Loved them!

  11. Tim0 says:

    Greed is everywhere….

  12. mad1982 says:

    thnx 4 sharing , nice pix

  13. Methinks says:

    No, It is not capitalist in any meaningful sense of the world.

    Russia is now a military dictatorship run by the KGB. The comrades ran it in the old days and the comrades run it now. Not much has changed. For capitalism to exist, you must have rule of law and private property rights so that capital can form. Rule of law does not exist in Russia.

    The only difference between now and the Soviet era is that the kleptocracy of the ruling kleptomaniacs is more overt.

  14. Nomad Soul says:

    Even my Far-eastern city Khabarovsk is represented) The scene with a beach.

  15. JohnnyCCCP says:

    What’s up with the Bus from Switzerland and the train which has “peace/paix” writings and a Swiss Cross on it?
    Switzerland surely wasn’t nearly a communist country, what kind of exchange was that?

  16. CZenda says:

    See my post above. A trip of convinced foreign c*o*m*m*i*e*s to the Holy Land. They were often recruited by K_G-B to become sleeping (i.e. inactive, low-qualification) secret agents.

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