15 Underground Museum

Underground Museum

Posted on July 11, 2010 by team

Located at a depth of 70 meters (230 feet), this underground museum gives its visitors a unique opportunity to get themselves familiar with the nuts and bolts of mining engineering and see how snow-white gypsum is mined underground via tour around an underground gypsum mine. A part of the museum’s display is dedicated to history of mining engineering and developing of local gypsum deposit that began back in 1930’s.

Old entrance to the mines which is not used anymore.

Right at the new entrance to the mine stand lots of mine cars filled to the brims with gypsum.


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  1. DamnRussian says:


  2. Viktor Yanukovich says:


  3. Mitch says:


  4. the jesus says:

    Hot mines.

  5. George Johnson says:

    That was weird….. Dinosaurs in a gypsum mine. Lot’s of ‘em.

    Now, just think of all the gypsum boards that go into houses. When those houses are brought down, that stuff just goes in a landfill. What a waste.

    • perristalsis says:

      The irony is that the stuff going back into the land may well be reused again in a thousand years, for who knows what purpose.

  6. Boritz says:

    My expectations for somethings interesting here have again been lowered.

  7. YJ says:

    First one to say First.

  8. Bonkin Boris says:

    Nice museum, with some weird kitsch touches – and why not? I guess the manager has got a sense of humour!

    It’s great that people can go down mines now voluntarily.

  9. Johnny from CCCP says:

    Who’s the funny “Golden Guy” in last picture? famous soviet cave explorer?

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    But why are the rusianias now trying to mine gypsies? Why do they not simply leave them alone??? If you steal from someone who stole what you steal… is it really “stealing?” Think about it. LOLZ!

  11. Tim0 says:

    Anything underground is cool, shoot you could put a ball down there and that would be great!

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