30 Plaster Defect

Plaster Defect

Posted on July 9, 2010 by team


Recently there was restored a wall of one dwelling house, but ... it seems that some defect is seen on the wall? What's that? Let's see closer ...

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Well, well, well ...


Is plaster mixed with beer?



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30 Responses to “Plaster Defect”

  1. CZenda says:

    Where is this – Poland?

  2. mike says:

    Yep, thats polish beer :D

  3. pipi says:

    Poland and polish beer “Debowe mocne” :)

  4. OLUT says:

    That beer really gets around! First it was stuck in a Swedish car, now this!

    (There’s an old post on this site: Russian Beer vs. Swedish Car, looks just the same!)

  5. Nightstranger says:

    Hah, way to go people!
    Look at those windows though, aren’t there supposed to be balconies?

    • rysiek z klanu says:

      > Look at those windows though, aren’t there supposed to be balconies?

      This is famous polish “żygalnik” ;)

      BTW – Poland IS NOT Russia! Part of the Polish territory was part of the Russian empire, but it was 100 years ago!

      • Valery says:

        So you too think that polish beer can be found ONLY in Poland ?!!

        • K. says:

          This is Poland, the closest car is the Polonez (typically Polish), the sign on the building is in polish ( as far as i see starts with an”S” ends with “ski”), I know my country, Valery, but it’s depressing to see You don’t know yours and still behave like the smartest guy around.

          • CZenda says:

            I think the street name is “Senatorska” and the concentration of Sei, Cinque and Uno also tells a lot ;-)

          • Valery says:

            I admit that it is Poland pictured here; however, Polish beer bottle is in no way the proof of this fact )

    • Valery says:

      There ARE venetian “balconies” there all right =)
      Besides, dorm (hostel) buildings often don’t have balconies at all…

  6. Jerry Barada says:

    So THAT’S why it’s called “stucco”

  7. DougW says:

    Heh.. good aim.

  8. mts says:

    almost like CCTV ;)

  9. are you kidding says:

    Photo shop .

  10. Barfapukeculas says:

    Obvious photoshop job.

  11. Jacinto says:

    In Poland houses are warmed by 6 inch of styrofoam plates
    glued to concrete walls and finally styrofoam is cowered by thin acrylic 1/10 inch plaster-so if you thru bottle powerfully it would drop in wall-football shot make huge
    hole in it(expensive sport-parents pay for renovation of walls!!When I was a boy it was contest who make it higer:))

  12. Lisu says:

    Ale jaja :). Zdjecia zrobione w Sochaczewie w woj. Mazowickim na ul . Senatorskiej. Dębowe to dobre piwko nawet…;)

  13. UmR says:

    VERY good beer.

  14. jed118 says:

    Jak to rzucic w taki sposob zeby bok nie stluc?

    Cziekawie, czy byla to pierwrza proba! Pewnie na glebie lezy kupa zbitych butelek…

  15. Fenek_PL says:

    POLAND – best country ever:)))

  16. Openeyed says:

    Now everyone is gonna bombard that building with beer bottles. :)

  17. PoleDancer says:

    it’s Poland not Russia

  18. okurwa says:

    Jak to Rosja to ja jestem byłym radzieckim agentem vel premierem Rosji…

  19. Pat says:

    This photo was taken in POLAND.

  20. henrix says:

    That’s right. Photo taken in Poland.

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