9 A Burden of One’s Choice is Not Felt

A Burden of One’s Choice is Not Felt

Posted on July 8, 2010 by team

A very interesting way of goods transportation – of a dog, in this particular case.


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9 Responses to “A Burden of One’s Choice is Not Felt”

  1. Baron says:

    omg! FIRST!!!

  2. savagebeauty says:

    Where is that?…..

  3. Baron says:

    in Russia! somewhere…

  4. Openeyed says:

    Poor Russians have not figured out how to walk a dog. :)

  5. Nightstranger says:

    I do believe that dog enjoy to go out like that more than to be stuck in apartment
    His hitch doesn’t look very safe thought )))

  6. Kirov says:

    Imagine what this dog has to sniff during his trip. Pollution is breath taking in Russia, and domestic cars are pure pollution generators.

    The dog will die soon from a nasty form of cancer. That is sure.

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