41 A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

Posted on July 5, 2010 by team

taiga_hut 1

While on their trip to taiga, a team of guys discovered some abandoned (and maybe not?) hut with a few buildings nearby. Thanks God there was nobody at home back then and they managed make as many shots as they could!

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41 Responses to “A Mysterious Hut in the Woods”

  1. zipp says:

    It’s my lucky day!!!!

  2. croscoe says:

    Did you find that Makarov in the hut?

  3. jm says:

    was this from 2009 or was that when it was abandoned/calendar left at?

  4. RickRoll says:

    Whats with the pistol? Was the author robbing the place?

  5. new user says:

    What is the book in the last picture?

  6. Richard says:

    How dare he just walk into someone else’s home? And armed, no less. Who is he, Sarah Palin?

  7. rat says:

    With a bit of tidying up it looks quite livable to me.

  8. Richard says:

    The guy walks right into someone else’s house? Uninvited? With a handgun? Who is he. . . Sarah Palin?

  9. Papa Carlo says:

    The guy who made the photos was very anxious to make sure the gun is visible in the picture. I guess he got ( borrowed it very recently).

  10. JPNZ says:

    Bad gun safety.Should not have your finger on the trigger unless you plan to use it.In this case there is a good chance you might need to use it in a hurry.

  11. YJ says:

    I hope the owner of the hut is still alive.

  12. muzzer says:

    hope the three bears never came back for Goldilocks!!! ” Who`s been drinking my vodka? “

  13. Keroro says:

    I guess it’s hideout for Russian hikkikomori…

  14. Mr. Rabo says:

    Why is he carrying a pistol?

  15. Wojtek says:

    Looks like hut in Wrong Turn :>

  16. Ivana Benderova says:

    There is no mystery here. This is “Java The Hut.” This is the place where all coffee comes from.

    And the snot-nosed little punk that illegally entered this place should man-up and show his face in these fotos.

    If it were my hut he entered, his fotos would show the chalk outline where he said his final words, and lay to rest.

    • Paul says:

      Technically, this is burglary, not home invasion. To be HI, the resident would have to be in the house. Still, even if the place were abandoned, I think it takes a lot of gall to violate a dwelling in this way.

  17. Gallard says:

    So your website endorses home invasion?

    • Paul says:

      Technically, this is burglary, not home invasion. To be HI, the resident would have to be in the house. Still, even if the place were abandoned, I think it takes a lot of gall to violate a dwelling in this way.

      I clicked the wrong ‘reply’ link, so I apologize to Ivana. (please don’t shoot me.)

      • Ivana Benderova says:

        There is no need to apologize to me Paul. Your comment is astute, and well written.

        However the laws in every country are specific to that area of jurisdiction, and are not typically universal, with the exception of violations of generally accepted norms concerning human rights issues, genocide, or other globally-accepted and mutually agreed upon violations of basic human values.

        So… in this case, consider this “‘lil dork” to be very lucky… at least for now…LOLZ!

  18. HugheJazz says:

    Looks like a hunting/trapping lodge.

  19. biggfredd says:

    The little shed on stilts looks like a deer “blind”. It would be a hiding place for a hunter, and gives him a better view of the area around him.

    Looks like the image in the large mirror was purposely blurred in case the hut owner somehow sees these pictures:


  20. JZ says:

    Invading private property, carrying a pistol, WTF are they thinking? Anyway I bet some harmless person lives in that zemleanka, judging by the books…

  21. DouglasUrantia says:

    When you encounter a place like that you should try not to touch anything, unless you’re an official government investigator.

  22. George Johnson says:

    Well, I’m betting the gun was for protection. Knowing they shouldn’t be in there, they didn’t want the owner to stumble on them and get violent.

    Yeah, bad gun safety. Even if you need it in a hurry, you can move your finger from outside the trigger guard to the trigger in just about the same amount of time.

    There’s any number of reasons why the muscles can contract, and accidentally pull that trigger.

  23. Antti-Antero says:

    Reminds me of the house the Lykovs lived in: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9B%D1%8B%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%8B
    Really recommend reading the book by Vasili Peskov. Excellent read.

  24. Snowlion says:

    The pistol pneumatic, in Russia is forbidden fire-arms. The hut most likely does not belong to anybody fishermen or hunters there spend the night.

  25. Steamed McQueen says:

    Interesting that the bookshelf is filled with the works of S.S. Konovalov. My ex in Russia was and is really into this guy and his ‘teachings’. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say the guy is a snake oil salesmen.

    He has written many books, but the only one I know of that is in English is his first one titled ‘ I can take your pain away’

    How does he do it? By channeling the ‘Energy of Creation’.

    I went to one of his ‘healing sessions’ once. A room full of several thousand people, all sitting quietly in their seats while Konovalov stood on stage silently and passed the ‘Energy’ that he channeled from… somewhere out to the audience.

    Each ticket was about 600 rubles at the time. What a scam.

    My ex swears by the guy though.

    Not a whole lot about him on the web in English, but if you read Russian there is a bit more to be found.

  26. Jimbo says:

    It doesn’t say anywhere that this was private property. Could have easily been on public/government land. Hell it could have been on the photographer’s property for all we know.

    No need to get in a tizzy.

  27. Rattata says:

    I think I’d be more afraid of the people taking the picture than the people who utilise that … shall we call it a lodge?

  28. Howland Owl says:

    I find it surprising that the photographer would have the nerve to enter the home of another, uninvited, if indeed she or he were not invited in.

    If that was my lodge (and my castle) and I was to come upon the intruders while they were there, they would find that they brought a toy to a real gun-fight, no questions asked.

  29. Courage says:

    that could be a forest ranger house or hunters .

  30. Avarana says:

    Count your blessings, Baba Yaga was away eating children.

  31. Gentle Russian Policeman says:

    That’s called downshifting, man!

  32. eXm3 says:

    Can’t you guys read??? Woods in taiga!!! That most likely means that there’s no civilization for hundreds of miles or more. Which could mean that the person/people who live there could be some runaway criminals or something like that, I mean the house and other buildings must be hidden for a reason, considering the fact that there should be no people around in a first place! Isn’t it obvious??? I’d definately have a gun on me if I was to check the place out!

  33. Jay says:

    Sustainable living!!! whats so strange about this? people (some of my friends) live this way here in north wales, UK.
    Low profile, not drawing attention, almost zero impact on the environment.

  34. Lea-Valerie says:

    Looks like it could be a movie set abandonned ?

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