16 Inside Peter the Great

Inside Peter the Great

Posted on July 1, 2010 by team

Inside Peter The Great 1

Peter the Great Monument! Probably only the builders have been here - not at the foot but inside! Here are the photos of the things inside the monument and views opening from the height more than 100m.

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16 Responses to “Inside Peter the Great”

  1. Enough marimba already! says:

    No, I was. Besides, i thought it was about the hugh battle ship. Please try to get inside…

  2. kido says:

    nice photos.

    P.S. hey kidos , I think it is enough to say “first , second , third”

  3. nightstranger says:

    Crazy russians )))
    Wish there was a picture of that monument though

  4. Testicules says:

    Is someone living in it?

  5. Rangoon says:

    Why no picture of the monument itself? Have no idea which monument their talking about.

    Last! Yay!

  6. Geoff Kovalo says:

    Nice climb! Doing such a thing in the U.S. would put one in jail and drain the wallet! And yes, from what I can see the monument is rather ugly imo.

  7. Chris says:

    Nasty thing.

  8. Musa says:

    Fantastic Shots! :)

  9. Ivana Benderova says:

    My peter is greater than your peter. I just measured it, and I win. Nice try though, sport.

  10. Archy Bunka says:

    I been dere and saw dis thing and I believe the Georgians got even with ya, hahaha.

  11. Archy Bunka says:

    Google image search for “peter the great statue moscow”
    it’s even uglier when you see it for real…

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