10 Kiev Fire Festival

Kiev Fire Festival

Recently in Kiev there was held the fourth annual international festival of fire art. Those who came to
the event could see the performance of jugglers, musicians, theatrical groups, fire artists etc. 
MCTN museum 1
27 Telephone Network Museum

Telephone Network Museum

Moscow city telephone network museum, or just MCTN museum for short, was opened on 8 July, 1982. Viktor Vasiliev, who at the time served as the director of MCTN, took the lead in establishing the museum. Now, 20 years later, the museum is home for more than 3,000 exhibits. It is not an easy thing at all to get there
as the museum is open only for sightseeing groups, and, moreover, prior booking is required. But if a possibility sprouts, even if a remote one, you must surely use it, especially when the question is about recapturing past that seems to grow less and less tangible with every single day.
Rossiya_1968_1972 1

28 Russia in 1968-1972

Russia in 1968-1972

This is a collection of great photos from times of the USSR. Cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Irkutsk and Bratsk are on the list. Looking at these shots it occurs to one that that life back then
was pretty much better and worry-free. Maybe it is just a trite nostalgia or a photographer’s skill? But hey, stop! Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or is it? Enjoy!
Young Rembos Training 1
44 Training of Young Rembos

Training of Young Rembos

In Sengileevskoye village not far from Stavropol city, former servicemen settled a military camp for boys. Now in
the camp are thirty boys aged 10-18 who learn foundations of martial art and how to handle a weapon.
Sunken Armored Vehicle 1
13 Sunken Armored Vehicle

Sunken Armored Vehicle

In Krasnoyarsk guards drowned an armored vehicle in the Yenisei river. Being in a drunken state young people hijacked the vehicle from the parking
place and decided to drive a bit.  Highway patrol explains: "This vehicle is an amphibious one, so they decided to drive in the water".
48 Soviet Food

Soviet Food

Food in the USSR was actually more than food. After starving post-war years, this opportunity - not only to find food but to please a family and guests with something tasty and creative - turned home cooking
into art. Yes, it's true that range of products choice was scanty. But in USSR was something that hardly can be explained to those who live in the world of abundance - "art to find scarce goods".
Trolleybuses Cemetery 2
15 Trolleybuses Cemetery

Trolleybuses Cemetery

Rusted remains of old
trolleybuses in St.

28 Life in the Gutter

Life in the Gutter

The story you’re going to learn now is not a commonplace one. This is the story of a one-day-long journey to the other world that is full of filth, grime and foulness. But in spite of all these dirty things, this world is our world too. This is an
insight on how bums of Novosibirsk live, spend their free time, entertain themselves and occasionally partying. Our humble guide for today is bum Oleg of “Bogdanovskie” gang. There he is. A sly and lively man with his head cracked.
Brides\' Parade 1
37 Brides’ Parade

Brides’ Parade

These are the photographs from the brides' parade that
was held in VDNKh, Moscow. So pretty they are!
29 Favourite Stalin’s Car

Favourite Stalin’s Car

The first armored car of upper class for the Soviet party-governmental elite was made in the end of 1940s at the automobile plant n.a. Stalin, later renamed after Likhachov. The
armored car ZIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. All in all there were manufactured about 32 copies of such limousines. The main person this car was made for was Joseph Stalin.

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