Russian Goal Bus Stops

7 Caught in the Stop: Russian Bus Stops Turned into Goals

Caught in the Stop: Russian Bus Stops Turned into Goals

Since the Soccer World Cup 2010 has started there have appeared many bus stops turned into a goal in some
Russian cities. They say that's a Carlsberg beer who was behind that creative campaign.
puschino_telescopes 1
30 Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory

Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory

Puschino Radioastronomical Observatory is the oldest Russia’s scientific establishment that is engaged in radioastronomic research. It was established on 11 April, 1956, when the authorities gave permission to build the institution and fix up a radio telescope on its area. Currently there are 2,5
radio telescopes (one of them only with its East-West axes working) operating at the observatory: RT-22 FIAN, DKR-1000 and BSA FIAN. On the header image you can see an experimental telescope. These things are dotted around the whole area of the observatory and wired up together.
Some Russian Dishes 41
24 Some Russian Dishes

Some Russian Dishes

Great ideas of Russian dishes
decoration, for the beloved ones
7 Handmade Crossbows

Handmade Crossbows

One talented guy makes crossbows from Turkish hazel-wood. For details
of this Avatar inspired beauty he uses silver and greenstone.
8 Russian Road News 5

Russian Road News 5

Sometimes Russian roads make
us smile through tears.
20 Guess What

Guess What

Everyone has a thing of their own to do in life apart from their job, career, family or studies. That’s where a hobby comes in; and sometimes there is more to it than taking exercises or collecting stamps and coins. Some people collect memories. From time to time one guy that is fond of collecting
old photo cameras comes across old photofilms which were left behind. Author of these shots is unfortunately unknown as well as any other facts about origin of the photographs. We can just guess, but it surely looks like some rescue squad to the North Pole in old 50-60’s.
13 Tennis Balls Falling From The Sky

Tennis Balls Falling From The Sky

In Zaoksky district not far from Tula it was hailing really really heavily! The hail's
size was rather impressive! We doubt you'd wish to be a witness of such hellish hail!
Bathing in the Mud 1
15 Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Motor festival "Medvezhy Ugol" ("Bear Corner") . A drunk driver of
Bentley stopped in the mud and decided to bathe there. Poor car!
19 Shame of the Bridge

Shame of the Bridge

Some puck has depicted huge male organs on Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg and thus
rejoiced the bystanders. Two fire vehicles were called to remove the masterpiece.

9 Landslide in the Pit of Ordzhonikidze

Landslide in the Pit of Ordzhonikidze

In the pit of Krivoi Rog, Ukraine, there appeared a

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