27 Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

Posted on June 30, 2010 by

Armed Vehicles Factory 1

A big factory in Russia where the armed vehicles for the army are being produced. The coolest photos might be of a basin where they test for swim the new made vehicles.

Armed Vehicles Factory 2

Armed Vehicles Factory 3

Armed Vehicles Factory 4

Armed Vehicles Factory 5

Armed Vehicles Factory 6

Armed Vehicles Factory 7

Armed Vehicles Factory 8

Armed Vehicles Factory 9

Armed Vehicles Factory 10


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27 Responses to “Russian Armored Vehicles Factory”

  1. dreamingofkarelia says:


  2. bmosso says:

    First after the first!

  3. JZ says:

    Man, love those BTRs!

  4. Muzzer says:

    Is this the BTR-90? Cool Pics.I love the russian armour. Most vehicles are amphibous. Would save a lot of British lives in Afghanistan.

  5. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. The Russkies could use a few of these amphibous vehicles in Rostov.

  6. nightstranger says:

    They have an indoor pool for those things, awesome!!!

    • momomo says:

      This pool’s created specially for testing the vehicles in water during the winter, when outside it’s too cold and the water is frozen.

  7. Testicules says:

    Hellfire say, “I really like BTRs.”
    Abrahms replies, “Not as much as I do.”

  8. nightstranger says:

    What kind of the engine is in those “BTR’s”?

  9. bijdehans says:

    Nice pictures, but, uh… I didn’t see any space left for people inside, or are they using midgets in the army?

  10. DouglasUrantia says:

    I don’t see actual people making these vehicles. Are these just some left over ones from the past?

  11. raf says:

    The obsolete design with the engine in the back.

  12. Otis R. Needleman says:

    The factory looks almost deserted.

  13. Dunati says:

    Awesome! Is there exist a video of this?

  14. Kiddle says:

    The factory looks like something out of a STALKER game. :D

  15. Chris says:

    Very cool pictures!

  16. Nice collection of pictures of armored vehicles. and Russian factory of amored vehicles.

  17. Amazing armored vehicle and it seems that every vehicle is being tested before giving it to the Army. Thanks for the post and especially for the pictures…

  18. Logo Design says:

    Incerdible machines, iam simply wowed

  19. jay says:

    Arzamas Mechanical Plant. Arzamas city of Nizhny Novgorod region. My Homeland))

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