22 Fountain Swim – Part II

Fountain Swim – Part II

Posted on June 29, 2010 by team

Fountain Swim - Part II 19

Manege Square in Moscow is a favourite place of Muscovites and guests of the capital. Nearly each evening here they meet, dance, drink, fight or swim in the fountains ... This day was particularly hot.


Fountain Swim - Part II 2Fountain Swim - Part II 3

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22 Responses to “Fountain Swim – Part II”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    First there meathead.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    Ah! To be young and drunk in the sun again…

    • Muzzer says:

      can`t count. don`t get anything like this in scotland. all the youths would be to drunk and start fighting each other

  3. Muzzer says:

    looks fun 1st

  4. Testicules says:

    Are there no pools in Russia? Does everyone swim in a dirty fountain? The water is green! Green damnit!

  5. Kent says:

    Wow, how deep is that?

  6. perristalsis says:

    More Fountain Porn…yesssss!
    Look at #3 from the top, she has her own water wings.

  7. kaizer says:

    Well… Actually most of these people are not “Muscovites” but rather “guests of capitol”

  8. Spongebobtotherescue says:

    I demand pictures of hot Russian men. Where are the hot Russian men? I have not seen one.

  9. Testicules says:

    There are no hot men in all of Russia. They only come from America.

    • Victa says:

      Correction. All the hot men come from Georgia. No, not the state in the USA. The country!

      • borninparadise says:

        Ahahaa, also best illegal construction workers, dirtiest open market selling people and dumbest shoe-repair workers come from Georgia (country) to Russia

  10. Chris says:

    For the first time ever on an EnglishRussia post, the males look better than the females. Not that I’m queer or anything.

  11. MuZteK says:

    third photo from end, blue dress girl, isn’t she hot?

  12. setlt says:

    plz send me

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  14. awesome images. thanks for sharing. Nice to see summer is coming soon

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