32 Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Posted on June 28, 2010 by team

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Last Saturday in Moscow region there was held a rehearsal of display of military equipment as a part of International Forum called ‘Mechanical Engineering Technologies.’ There was built a special training ground for the display – a unique area that allows showing riding properties of armored and wheeled machinery to the fullest extent. There are lots of obstacles of different kinds on the training ground needed for demonstration of any types of machinery.

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In the right you can see T-90S tanks constructed by ‘Uralvagonzavod.’ A T-90S tank is a light-weight one and moreover it has powerful weaponry, high mobility and it is small sized.

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In the left there are specimens of WW2 equipment – T-34 tank and BM-13 ‘Katyusha.’

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There is a special obstacle zone for military motor vehicles. At first they move across big concrete blocks and then climb onto the stairs.


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32 Responses to “Mechanical Engineering Technologies”

  1. nightstranger says:

    First!!! Nice pictures!

  2. Mr. Anti-Semite says:

    You’ll see these troops in Tel Aviv soon enough……….FIRST.

  3. Muzzer says:

    Good photo`s. Soldier in flip flops looks scary. Not!

  4. Chico says:

    Love that big-wheeled Niva

  5. Andrey says:

    Why is it always impossible to tell a the Russian “special forces” from the guy begging for money in the perekhod smelling of alcohol?

    “When you attack us, I will crush a brick against my forehead and then smack my buddy with a sledgehammer”

  6. Testicules says:

    Cool tanks. They will make great targets for future generations of Hellfire missiles.

    Where did they get the gypsy guys with the flip flops and the sneakers? Very intimidating.

    Better plan to take over the world. Spread Acoholism world wide and control all the vodka. Much more effective than the current arsenal.

    • Chris says:

      It appears you are a victim of this world wide spread of alcoholism. In 2006 we saw this anti-tank missiles were effective.

  7. Rolfmao says:

    Are these the same lads who lost the war to Finland?… Lol. First things first: Get those lads proper boots so they dont have to use Adidas-shoes on the war front…

    • Prague-68 says:

      The Soviet intrusion into Afghanistan has proved advantage of production Adidas.
      The sports footwear is convenient for special actions and reduces a damage from foot blasting on an antipersonnel mine.

    • OLUT says:

      Not at all… that was their fathers and grandfathers! :)


      The picture with the little camouflaged car with giant wheels: I WANT THAT CAR! I would get a custom car horn made. It would be of “Dixie” played on the Balalaika!

  8. CZenda says:

    I know the sneakered guy – he is a local wino who regularly checked all dustbins around for returnable bottles etc. I did not know he was a Russkie and obviously returned home.

  9. tank says:

    can somebody please answer this: why is there a wooden log behind a tank – it seems to be standard feature and also what it that pipe looking thing behind the turret – radio? some sort of navigation system ? or do they keep dry socks in it?

    • tankist says:

      I will try to answer but i am not 100 % precent sure but i drove tanks in the Swedish Army (Leopard 2) and we had some lessons on learning Russian Tanks to.
      The wooden log is for putting under the tracks when the tank gets stuck somewhere in hard terrain.
      The pipe behind the turret is actually a cover, case for a anti-tank rocket. You can pull it so it is on the side of the turret and when it is on the side it is ready to be fired. When not in firing position you have it on the back so it will not take a lot of space. If you have additional armour on the tank as we see in the pictures you put it on special “screws” on the armour. Hope i helped you!

      • Real tankist says:

        The ‘pipe’ behind turret is snorkel. It is attached to engine panel when fording rivers up to ~2m in depth. This way engine has air while most (if not whole) of the tank is submerged.

        It has nothing to do with rockets. T-90 carries gun launched missiles, they are stored as regular rounds inside.

      • Annoy says:

        I thought the part on the turret was the snorkel kit (mounted in 20 minutes)? I find no reference that a TOW is part of the armament.

    • tankist says:

      BTW it can also be replaced with gasoline pipes.

  10. Kent says:

    Why do people come to this website just to trash Russia? Give it a rest.

    I’m not Russian, I’m American. But some of you people are just pricks.

    • Lex says:

      I’ve heard in America it is popular to trash America. Even Obama, travelling around the world, is apologizing for how bad the U.S. has been.

      The comments on this post are not trashing Russia, but the punk looking Russian “soldiers”.

      • OldBikr says:

        Yes, we gripe a lot. With a leader like Obama though can you blame us. As for him having to apologize about America, I rather think it should go the other way.

        America should probably apologize to the rest of the World for having elected Obama and then having set him loose in the rest of the World.

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      “Why do people come to this website just to trash Russia?”

      Well Kent, I wouldn’t consider any open-minded person’s comment about a blog posting to be “trash,” as you say, until they are proven to be such “pricks.”

      My overly-agitated friend, please take things for what they are worth. This blog is worth the entertainment value – err… sometimes… and worthless at its heart. But it can be interesting once or twice per year. And that is the only reason I visit.

      The engagement and attraction for me is in the responses to the posts – not in the posts themselves.

      Lets just agree to disagree, be civil, funny (if possible) and if you are not carrying any weapons, you will not be seriously hurt.

    • Muzzer says:

      Get a sence of humour.i don`t trash anyone but read these comments for what they are. Jokes.

  11. Jerry Barada says:

    I imagine the “log” is actually a carry-case for the equipment used to clean the cannon after battle. Even in Russia, soldiers need to keep their weapons clean.

  12. alibi says:

    …we are stuck with a president who kills off an industry in which the USA had clear global domination, space…

    Perhaps there were no buyers for your shuttles so he decided to invest in something the US still manages to manufacture and sell – your bonds.

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      My dear Alibi… you are stuck with a damaged intellect, and a clear lack of history.

      Russia has certainly not taken much of a backseat to the US in the field of space exploration, has it? And has Russia profited greatly from its huge financial investment? For that matter, has the USA? Any profit has been political profit, but financial profit… where is it?

      I find this never-ending argument fascinating because no one has ever really proved that the ridiculous expense involved in space exploration has ever been worth the cost. Please stay out of international economics, and for that matter, economics and politics in general.

  13. anand says:

    Really impressive !

  14. mitsosdk says:

    Russia may have the power but America have the advance!

  15. iraq4ll says:

    Russia may have the power but America have the advance!

  16. Jeffry Ailes says:

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  17. thank you really nice article..

  18. That trip down memory lane reminds me of when I used to live in Virginia Beach. White Trash and Dookie were on heavy rotation in my Walkman while I would skate to my friends house.

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