14 Beach Mattress Racing

Beach Mattress Racing

Posted on June 26, 2010 by team

Beach Mattress Racing 1

Recently in Sevastopol there was held traditional costume beach mattress racing. The event was rather amicable than emulative and from shore it seemed to be loony bin. Awfully funny spectacle!

Beach Mattress Racing 2Beach Mattress Racing 3Beach Mattress Racing 4Beach Mattress Racing 5Beach Mattress Racing 6Beach Mattress Racing 7Beach Mattress Racing 8Beach Mattress Racing 9Beach Mattress Racing 10Beach Mattress Racing 11Beach Mattress Racing 12


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14 Responses to “Beach Mattress Racing”

  1. Boritz says:

    First! Ha!

  2. Ivana Benderova says:

    Yes Boris you are first. Isn’t that you in the wedding dress in the first foto? Lolz!

    • Boritz says:

      I thought that by shaving closely that day no one would notice. Damn.

      • BorisBadenov says:

        Hey Boritz, this lady, Ivana, believes that you and I are one and the same! Do you notice how unnatural acts and queer activity are never far from “Ivana’s” mind? Try a woman Ivana, who knows? maybe you’ll enjoy it.

      • Ivana Benderova says:

        My bad. I had to deal with inlaws today, and the whole wedding dress issue has me part askew. But men in wedding dresses is not hot to me, shaven, or other… sorry.

  3. Rockalone says:

    very very interesting. i wouldnt mind trying it

  4. Rangoon says:

    Think I might have to do that next year, anyone want to form a EnglishRussia team? I’m in.

  5. Geez says:

    you see? i told ya that they were planning teh next World ward

  6. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    and to think this is former soviet union…

    here’s something to chew on: http://www.vbs.tv/en/search?key=korea&commit=Search

    feels like time stood still.

  7. Courage says:

    Just when I thought Russia is still a normal country wich dosent allow gay parades I see this :(

  8. Gian phoi says:

    Oh, a good information I have read. I like mattress. I will buy some for my house.

  9. Todd Rubin says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure on this one… could be right I suppose

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