40 Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains

Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains

Posted on June 25, 2010 by team

Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains 1

Moscow graduates decided to follow the tradition and bathe in fountains too!

Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains 2Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains 3


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40 Responses to “Moscow Graduates Bathing in Fountains”

  1. Testicules says:

    Aparently, for any holiday or occasion Russian get drunk and head for the fountains. Don’t Russian have bars?

    BTW 1st

  2. ivan says:

    Of course they have gaybars. Russians call them fountains

  3. Boritz says:

    It is Russian version of Western wet t-shirt party at bar. Really.

  4. Rangoon says:

    Wank bank.

  5. Terminator says:

    aahhh thanks EnglishRussia, some hot woman found. however, we need moreski

  6. Testicules says:

    What a dude ranch

  7. crazy ppl :) but they very young, just 13-15 age

  8. OLUT says:

    I like the picture of the winking, smiling dude with fire behind him. He seems to be saying, “Hi, I’m Teh Debbil, welcome to my home!”

  9. perristalsis says:

    Having seen a lot of these lately I suggest a new category for ER: Fountain Porn

    • Ann says:

      A little advice – dont find porn in every photo of russians.

      • perristalsis says:

        Progressive outer retinal necrosis (P.O.R.N), also known as Varicella zoster virus retinitis (VZVR)[1], is an aggressive, necrotizing inflammation of the eye’s retina caused by herpes varicella zoster virus, and repeated postings of people in fountains. It is typically found in people with advanced AIDS.

        The majority of those with progressive outer retinal necrosis develop severe vision loss and blindness[3]. Systemic antiviral drugs may improve the long-term visual outcome in those with the disease[1].Immediate cessation of viewing pictures with fountains or people in fountains is highly recommended.

  10. Olga says:

    Fountains in the summer cool

  11. Kirov says:


  12. Vector says:

    You all are so ingenious =D
    …they don’t have any baths!
    …Fountain Porn.

    I like you guys!

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      “You all are so ingenious =D
      …they don’t have any baths!
      …Fountain Porn.

      I like you guys!?

      Ok thanks for that. Now I need a bath to remove your nasty post from the internet. Thanks again for that.

  13. Ann says:

    too much words

  14. Ivana Benderova says:

    “Three coins in the fountain….” difference is, Romans throw them, and Russians dive into fountain to claim them after here bad foto stunt! LLLLLOLLLZ! LMAO!

  15. Nastya says:

    Such a nice tradition.) It’s good to see free-spirited people.
    In America, they’d probably be ticketed. (Not that that stops me from jumping in fountains on hot days.)

  16. Atif CH says:

    what aa beautiiii….

  17. joni_mbp says:

    awesome… love the russian girls, they are hot… dont measure everything base on money, they’re enjoying life in a cheaper way

  18. storecx says:

    interesting photos thanks

  19. Teesra says:

    Very interesting pics here. Thanks!

  20. Bartholomei smith says:

    These type of Picture and Romantic and awesome enjoying by the fountain in the park.

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