16 Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg

Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg

Posted on June 25, 2010 by team

Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg 2

St. Petersburg from bird’s-eye view – so beautiful!

Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg 3Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg 4


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16 Responses to “Helicopter Tour Over St. Petersburg”

  1. vlad says:


  2. jon says:

    meh. any city will be beautiful from above

  3. Boritz says:

    I am resting on my laurels of prior achievements. There is plenty of room at the top.

    • BorisBadenov says:

      Gibran said: “Contradiction is the lowest form of intelligence” that being the case I have opted out. Nothing personal Boritz.
      Besides, we all know the USA is really number 1, especially the Russians. We beat them to the moon, we beat them in the cold war, and we will continue to beat you, hell, your not even worthy of an honourable mention.

  4. Traducer says:

    From up it looks like a beautiful city, was it not the default (2nd) capital for most of the time before the start of the last century?

  5. BorisBadenov says:

    A beautiful city built by your Peter the Great, a non-commie.

  6. None says:

    gotta agree…Any city looks beautiful above.

  7. zx says:

    it’s beautiful without photoshop too
    no need for accenting gold vs black’n’grey stuff

  8. Ben says:

    i can see the house where i grew up in! photo number 21 from botton up.

    thats so coool.

  9. Djony says:

    very beautiful scenery

  10. C. says:

    brings back many good memories

  11. Boritz says:

    In the first photo is cruiser ship Aurora. Remarkable that after being shot by Russian ships, shot by Japanese, captured by Americans, and bombed by German Nazis, is still afloat!

  12. Maraudon says:

    Greatest city on earth!

  13. Harvey McDaniel says:

    What a beautiful city. It should be the capital of Russia as Peter The Great intended.

    Thank you for the grand photos.

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